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    doing medicine to go into research is madness, but then again do whatever you want who am I to say.

    If you really aren't able to make your mind up, i'd say go into a related field like biomedical sciences and you can always come back to do medicine later. but doing a medicine degree to find out later you're not much interested is silly.

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    Yeah ofc I'm not saying disregard all the advice totally, just not to take it 'too' seriously since some people tend to be overly pessimistic
    I get you

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    Occasionally some living costs - how are living costs occassional?!

    If the OP doesn't want to be primarilly a doctor then he/she shouldn't do medicine. If the OP wants to be primarilly a research scientist then he/she should do a science degree.

    Medicine isn't a science degree. The final 3 years are spent in a hospital and are vocational - I'd imagine I'd find them pretty painful if I didn't want to be a doctor at the end of it...
    THIS! :awesome:

    Do some work experience before even considering making a decision..
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    I'd say get some work experience and then apply and see how you feel about it. You have 5 choices on your UCAS form anyway use one for natural sciences. They might consider you regardless of your personal statement being geared towards medicine.

    The reason I say this is that I think I was like you three years ago. I was scared I wasn't as determined as the other students to study medicine and they all knew something that I didn't - how were they all so certain? I did work experience (My first week was terrible, my second week I nearly passed out) and ruled medicine out. I started another course at uni, but it just wasn't right, and I obsessed daily over becoming a doctor. I dropped out, reapplied for medicine and I'm now in the middle of my degree, and I love it.

    I know our situations probably aren't entirely comparable but:
    - don't be intimidated by others who are more certain or have more experience go for it
    - get work experience, and even if you don't understand what is going on all the time it will give you insight
    - appreciate medicine gives you the opportunity to use your brain, so if the reason you want to go into research is that you like thinking and problem solving them it could be for you
    - you can always kill two birds with one stone and put natural sciences down as your extra option on ucas

    Hope this helps.
    Thanks for your advice this has been the most helpful! I've been speaking to others about my dilemma as well as my careers advisor and it seems not everyone immediately knows they want to study medicine. I do find it intimmidating when you speak to people who are certain. I have a strong collection of work experience for natsci, so am now going to work hard to get some medical based visits. Thanks once again for you advice and good luck becoming a doctor!
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