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In need of serious advice watch

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    you should get out more and meet new people just try an forget about her and over time you'll be fine, I know it's hard but give it some time. I hope your alright though

    OP is socially awkward penguin

    Get out more and get over your oneitus

    Simple .. Time is a healer ...
    and stop feeling sorry for yourself

    need to forget about her and find someone else you can be with stop worrying about the past and concentrate on the future!

    (Original post by Chris_2011)
    Ive made this new account, solely to post this, im hoping for some serious advice, as this problem is really starting to hurt. I'll try keep it short.

    Met a girl in college
    Got close to her, we were in a sense, "best friends".
    She really started liking me a lot, i liked her a little.
    Various reasons why we couldn't get together.
    I fell 100% in love with her.
    She cut off our friendship so she could move on, due to the reasons we couldn't get together.
    It really upset me.
    I have Aspergers syndrome, and she is literally the only girl i have ever felt such emotion for.
    She went to a different Uni to me. Hasn't really spoken to me since.

    My problem: I just cant get over her. Every day shes on my mind, either as the main thing or just lurking at the back, behind everything else. She knows this but doesn't care. Shes currently seeing someone. Its really starting to affect my grades at Uni, my already strained social life, I haven't had a good night sleep in a very long time.

    Bearing in mind ive felt like this for the last 3 years now, i just don't understand why these feelings wont go away
    I just don't know what to do anymore, does anyone have any advice for me? Please
    I have faced similar situation Chris,
    But what you need to realize is that we can't always get what we want in life.
    I know exactly how you feel, the only thing that worked for me is becoming busy, I took on learning a lot of different stuff at the same time, at first it was tough, but when I forced myself to concentrate hard, it started working a bit...
    Its been 2 and a half years now and I still sometimes get a pang of emotions for her at times but i overcome quickly...

    I am introverted and I don't have many friends.... But the 2 friends I have are the best, whenever I am with them they have a way of making me feel good about life....

    So I would suggest the following:

    1)Get busy
    2)Concentrate on your work
    3) Find a good caring friend.
    4)Make yourself realize that she is not with you for a reason and that we can't always be with someone we want to.. There are better girls out there... Just take your time and find someone who will love you back...
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