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    Hey there

    So, I really need help making a decision on what I should do, unfortunately no one around me is capable of helping me so I have to divert into asking people online, which hopefully would give me some guidance.

    I have Dual Citizenship of Saudi/American. And I'm applying to the US for a BA in Fine Art. I go to a British international school here in Saudi, I’ve done my IGCE’s with good grades and now I'm doing the International Baccalaureate program and I’m graduating in a couple of months.
    I've been predicted a 35.


    Naturally as a safety plan, I applied to uni's in England through UCAS.

    I've only had two chances to do the SATs due to lots of different deadlines and other difficulties at the time, and I have had no previous experience of how and what the SATs were. I've done the November and December SAT exams and i have done terrible in both.

    -Nov 430 Reading 410 Math 400 Writing
    -Dec: 460 Reading 430 Math 470 Writing --- (improvement yeyy)

    I've had very little time to practice and understand how the SATs work in addition to all the Stress and work, mock exams and internal assessments IB gives me.
    On top of that I had to finish all my uni applications and essays by the end of December, and because I am doing art I had to create a portfolio which took almost double the stress and work.

    It wasn't easy convincing my parents in letting me do Art for college, but when they actually accepted, I’ve had to apply to schools that were not PURE art schools.
    except for 2... Ringling (US) and University of the Arts (UK)

    Today is March 31st , and I’ve got all my uni replies except for 2 in England.

    Goldsmiths -------(Accepted)
    University of the Arts -------(Accepted)
    Brighton -------(waiting... lol i don't wanna even go there)
    Kingston --------(safety school, ain't goin there either)
    UCL ----- (REJECTED, very unrealistic of me to even think of applying there..)

    Brown ---- (REJECTED, dreams school *crushed*)
    Cornell -----(REJECTED)
    BU ------- (REJECTED ... Even though I have Family Alumni)
    BC -------- (REJECTED)
    George Washington ----(REJECTED)
    Georgetown ----- (REJECTED – I actually thought of this being my realistic top choice lolll)
    Northeastern--------- ( Accepted ... safety school)
    Ringling ------- (Accepted ... Safety school)

    So I got rejected by most of the schools I’ve applied to, every rejection was like a stab in the back, especially from Brown, somewhere I really wanted to get into...

    I really think its solely because of my SAT score, even though I’ve contacted some schools and they claimed it wasn't true, something about 50% of the decision was made based on my academic performance...

    And its so depressing how they blame it on space … shush I don’t mind sitting on the floor if I have to.. lol

    But the thing is .. I’m doing art ... is the SAT's really that important?
    I’ve done the Art supplement the Common App asked to make, and it took forever to prepare but apparently it wasn’t enough…

    Anyway, the point is, I got accepted into Ringling and Northeastern in the US ...
    but ... I got in Goldsmiths and Univ. of the Arts in London, UK ...

    So finally here's my question ....

    What should I do?

    Should I go to England, get into Goldsmith or Univ. of the Arts and stay there for a whole year and then Transfer (to Brown, and other schools) next year and in the meantime work on a kickass transfer application and portfolio + Do the SATs again?


    Should I go to either Ringling or Northeastern and also work on my transfer for a whole year?

    Also, Choosing between Northeastern and Ringling for the fine art major , what should I pick? The Pure art school that has some sort of affiliation with Pixar and Disney (lol) or the School in Boston, which is supposedly well known?

    What are my Chances of getting in as a transfer student?

    I’m not run down by my rejections, its more of a slap of reality.
    I obviously won’t give up since I really need this badly, but what I need the most now is Guidance.. which is seriously non-existent here…

    Any thoughts would be highly appreciated ?
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