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Accused of plagiarism - I actually feel like topping myself... watch

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    I sound dramatic, I know. But that's exactly what I want to do right now.

    I'm doing languages at Cardiff uni. I'm in first year so I have to do an additional subject - I chose religious studies. I'm so scared I'll get chucked out.

    I really don't care about RS, I just want to pass it. I had an essay to do. I thought the deadline was the Friday but then I realised it might be on the Wednesday, so I rushed it. I cannot deny what I have done. I did it the night before. I pretty much paraphrased websites, the main one being wikipedia (I know, I know.) At the time, I didn't think of it as plagiarism but I guess it is. It was a very complex question, so that's really all I could think of doing. I have been very stupid and I am very sorry for what I have done.

    I have a meeting with my RS tutor and someone else, who I think is the head of RS. It's in a week. I will show you the letter -

    I am writing to you in my capacity as Unfair Practice Co-ordinator for The School of Religious and Theological Studies. Your submission of the assessment for Religion, Culture and Society II has been reported to me, as it is suggested that this piece of work shows evidence of plagiarism.

    In accordance with the University’s Unfair Practice Procedure, a meeting will be held with you to discuss this matter. The purpose of this meeting is to establish the facts in relation to this allegation, which will then be reported to the Chair of the Examining

    As part of the process I shall be making a note of the meeting, and a copy will be provided to both yourself and the Chair of the Examining Board. The Chair will then consider the further action to be taken, if any, in this case. The options open to the Chair are shown at paragraph 5.6 of the Unfair Practice Procedure. A copy of the Procedure is held on the web and the reference is shown at the foot of this letter.

    You are advised that if you are unable to attend this arranged meeting and do not provide me with a satisfactory explanation for this, the meeting will proceed in your absence.

    I will be a pack of nerves during this meeting and probably won't be able to say what I need to say. In general I'm a very nervous person but this will be impossible. I think there's a high chance I will faint in the middle of it. I cannot go.

    I know this is dramatic but I actually feel like suicide right now. I should have been more careful yes, and I'm not trying to excuse it...but I'm been under a lot of pressure lately. My sister is very unwell and I'm actually supposed to fly home to see my family around the time of the meeting (I'll have to cancel the trip).

    Do you think I will get chucked out of uni?
    Do you think it would make matters worse if I didn't go to the meeting? (And instead just went home).

    Please help.

    I don't know anything about this because I've never been in this situation, nor anyone I know.

    I can safely say though GO TO THE MEETING. Yes, it would make matters worse to not go.

    It sounds like you haven't intentionally plagiarised? Just rushed through it... I doubt that you'll be chucked out if it's your first offence and wasn't intentional. Depends on the uni ofc..

    Don't worry.. I'm a plaga-rist too! We can be plagirists together; how exciting! We can have little plagarism parties, where we discuss the most outrageous plagarism ever! Plagarist Pals 4 life.

    You created a thread yesterday, one identical to this one. Please don't create multiple threads on the same topic.

    As you have a thread I'm closing this thread.

    However, if you want to know more about Cardiff's plaigarism regulations and the procedure for those accused of plaigarism then you can discuss this in the Cardiff forum.


    But please don't go and create the exact same thread. I can move your original thread into the Cardiff forum if you wish. Just go back to your Cardiff thread and ask by making a reply (or send me a PM).
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