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Speeding ticket from police car? watch


    (Original post by Iorek)
    I wouldn't take that as a gospel

    That 35mph max in a 30 zone is somewhat off.... it really depends on the location and situation.

    Don't ever try that anywhere in Wales or anywhere in the Oxford area.

    You've forgotten that the allowance is given upon an assumption that most speedometers aren't 100% accurate and most speed enforcement devices are only accurate to +-5%

    The only thing that is accurate to near 1% is the SPECs camera and in Nottingham area I've heard of people being pulled over for doing as little as 2 over on a 30mph zone.
    OK, I know, but in my post I said most counties, guidelines and some counties are stricter than others.

    I don't have all day to post a full in detail report on where you can bend the rules or not. Easiest thing is to just stick at the limits. The post I posted gave people a rough outline at what they could go up to. I would not routinely stick to them.
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    Thanks guys!
    Ill see what happens
    Either way ive learnt my lesson and ill let you know what happens!
    Hopefully ill be ok (crossed fingers)

    If it was a Volvo V70 estate, I would be worried as they are stereotypical British police traffic cars

    I'd be extremely surprised if anything came of this. 35mph on the clock is probably barely over 30 anyway, and traffic officers have better things to do than to prosecute for such minor offences. At any rate, they probably wouldn't have noticed, certainly wouldn't have cared, and if they were to take action they'd have most likely stopped you at the scene.

    (Original post by Emma-Ashley)
    Beware! This formula is designed to allow for speedometer inaccuracy. The law assumes that your speedo could be out by as much as 10% so they allow for it. The danger is that if yours is out by that much, then you only have the 2mph to play with... It is far safer and wiser to stick to the speed limit at all times. Apart from the oft-stated dangers of exceeding the speed limit, which I won't reiterate here, in these days of too much traffic on the roads, most of the time speeding actually doesn't get you to your destination any quicker.
    Actually, it doesnt. Your speedo is allowed to be 10% out when it OVER reads, not UNDER. For example, it cant say you're doing 29 when you're actually doing 30, but it can say you're doing 34 when you're doing 30, etc.

    Those guidelines are so people who have just crept over the limit dont get penalised, but those who blatently break it do. Doesnt always work as they are "guidelines"
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