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How many lines of code is your A2 Computing project?

I'm using C# and i'm at about 1500 lines at the moment.. I've still got a little bit to go and may well end up at 2000-2200 lines. It seems like a little too much, especially since others in my class seem to have relatively little.

If there's anyone else out there doing a project for their course (I'm doing AQA), how many lines are you on at the moment?
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I haven't counted, but remember that Lines of Code isn't a good metric of... well.. anything, really.
Also i hope you dont have 2000 lines of code behind one form or in on .CS file. remember to use the OO approach.

An as war833 has stated lines are code are not a good metric of how well something work. If you can get something to work in 1 line of code so much the better. Less coding logic = a more efficent program.
Well, I'm creating a .ASPX application, so including all the web-forms... Too many!!!

What exam board are you doing your course on?
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1500+ lines of code so far. My project is game design. I am designing a stand-alone fighting game, and flabby bird using pygame. I want to expand it to multi-player game so the code will be very long. Exam board OCR
Too many.

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