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How beneficial is a First over a 2:1? watch


    (Original post by l'histoire)
    No, but I assume employers aren't going to want someone who spent three years locked away in their room studying and did little to nothing else. In terms of their skills, that candidate has far less to offer than someone who got a good 2:1 but was also involved in various societies, clubs, etc through which they acquired and developed skills that are incredibly valuable in the workplace.

    Of course there are the rare few who manage to earn a first alongside being active in sports, societies, etc but they're a very small minority. It's great to strive for a first, but it's not the end of the world if you get a 2:1 (in terms of employment) as long as you can demonstrate that you have a lot to offer.
    this is what I don't get in people's mindsets. It's perfectly possible in many subjects to study and go out and get a first, which (touch wood) I'm on, even though it's English Lit, which on TSR, most people barely see as above David Beckham Studies. Most of my friends do chemistry and maths, go out 3x+ a week and are on course for firsts (and no I'm not at a doss uni). And getting a first =/ sequestering yourself in your room like a little monk and not talking to anyone else, just as being in many societies =/ someone who has more employable skills. A balance IS possible and The two states ARE NOT mutually exclusive as I have discovered at uni, previously having the same viewpoint as yourself

    Is this a real question? Or is it just a joke? OK let me be honest, I finished my degree in 2008 and not a single job interview I have been to have ever ask for my grade, so it's not important, when I applied to my MA, which I have tried Goldsmiths and UCL etc etc, again all they want is is 2.1 and above. But then it really dpends on what subject you do and how practical you want to be. I have had a lot of people, quite a bit older people some of whom are tutors at universities telling me that for those who got a first at uni tend to hold onto it for a long time hence they aim high after uni, sometimes too high hence might not do as well as those who got a 2.1. But then I have not lived long enough to prove it and I don't care a degree is a degree, if you are not happy with your grade like me, do a postgrad to cover it, a lot of postgrad, at least the ones I looked into only have pass / fail, There you go, happy day.

    But it wold be silly to have spent so much time and money not to try your absolutely best to get as high grade as possible.

    (Original post by l'histoire)
    You honestly believe that the vast majority of those who earn a first class degree do so alongside being consistently active outside of their studies?
    Yup. Certainly beyond that than the 'rare minority', anyway.

    Are you even at university?
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Updated: April 1, 2011
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