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    OH NO! Someone pays me a compliment and I feel good about myself! OMGZ MONSTER!

    Stop pretending this is exclusive to women. We all like it when we get compliments, it's human nature.

    However, when they are crude, sexual comments, they stop being compliments.

    Also some of you need to understand the definition of shallow. EVERYONE values appearance, again, this is not exclusive to women and you seriously need to leave your house more if you think it is.

    Being shallow is when you only care about superficial things such as looks or money, disregarding personality completely. I highly doubt anybody on here would go out with a ****er, no matter how rich or good looking they are.

    We are all human. Not all women are the same, not all men are the same. Get over it. Stop pretending you know exactly what goes through our heads. The amount of women you will meet in your lifetime probably won't even make up 1% of women who exist in the world today.

    Maybe when you start to judge people individually and not on their gender you might actually find yourself getting laid more.

    (Original post by NerdBOY1)
    Men stop listening to women on this topic, women will give you mixed messages on this topic.
    I personally do not whistle at women in the street, because I can't whistle, plus I do not want to give them a big ego.

    I notice...when some men whistle at a girl in the street,,,,the woman get all big headed and start to act like she is all that, but at the same time pretending how disgusted she is.

    If these same women were not whistled at, but only their mates got whistled at, they would get jealous of their mates, as to why men only whistle at their mates and not at her, if they is something wrong with her, if she is not as sexy enough.

    Men stop listening to women,,,, they change rules and moral stands when it suits them!! what they tell you and what they think are not always the same, why do you think, even other women call women 2 faced!

    This is the same thing when it comes to chatting up women,,,lot of them would get all pretentious, but if no one chatted them up and only their mates got chatted up, they would try mess it up,,,or get all insecure and jealous of their mates.
    Personally, I'd rather men didn't whistle at me in the street because it makes me feel uncomfortable. If anything wolf-whistling dampens my ego because it makes me feel cheap.

    And hell yeah, plenty of women are two faced, but so are plenty of men.

    Some guys use it as an attempt to get a girl's attention, some use it because they're arrogant, some whistle at women for both of those reasons, but whatever the reasons are, there's no denying that it can make a girl feel uncomfortable, because girls can be quite sensitive or self-conscious.

    Respect > Whistling at Women should be standard policy.
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