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    Hey guys, student finance advice needed here!

    I've just about finished my application for student finance (wales) to study at UCL (london).
    My application claims I'm entitled to a £3,375 tuition fee loan. A maintenance loan of £3,804, and "Assembly Learning Grant" of £5,600.

    I understand that I'm entitled to a grant due to my parents income (which is quite low) but I'm unsure as to what this comprises of.
    I'm also looking for acknowledgement of a "Maintenance Grant", which UCL garauntee to match atleast 50% of as an extra bursary.

    Is my ALG equal to, is or comprised of a maintenance grant, or completely unrelated to it?

    I've used google, jeeves and searched multiple finance sites such as StudentFinanceWales, UCL Bursary + Funding, Student Finance England. I really cant see where my maintenance grant is (pressuming i qualify for it) unless it is my ALG, but why isnt ALG called "Maintenance Grant".


    Thanks students and student-folk!

    Ring your funding body. I Get a maintenance grant and student loan. I know that the maintenance grant does'nt have to be paid back. Are you sending evidence off. As i know the finances can change. Ive just had mine through im guna be getting 400 pound more every 3 months but this is most likely to change after ive sent my evidence of. They give you so many quotes on what there going to pay you and then change it.

    Well if you look on the page outlining what support you can get on the SFW website, it makes no mention of maintenance grant , only the ALG. This suggests to me that Welsh students can only get the ALG (nothing to complain about though since you're getting a lot more than the maximum maintenance grant)!

    It also doesn't mention it here. Maintenance grant is probably only for English students...

    Also the UCL bursary page says: "All UCL undergraduate students receiving a UK Government Higher Education Maintenance Grant ...will receive, each year, a UCL bursary equal to at least half of their Grant." As you're getting a grant from your government then you should get the bursary too! So you'll have:

    = £11,775

    That's around what I have for UCL and it's way more than enough :P

    The way I understand it, the assembly learning Grant is student sinance wales' version of the maintance grant.
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