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Bi-curious friend asked to help fulfil curiosity watch

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    (Original post by Reml)
    I don't see the need to forgive those who commit a grave sin against God - it is unforgivable in my eyes, and again, stop telling me what to read in the bible
    (Original post by Reml)
    I'm not interested in the moronic ramblings of atheists; homosexuality is a grave sin, and there is no changing that; you can't deviate from what the bible clearly says
    I quote the bible to you, you ignore what I say and continue to hate the SINNERS rather than the SIN. Then you say that you can't deviate from what the bible says?

    I'm calling a giant troll on this one!

    (Original post by Reml)
    They aren't part of the church if they are gay.

    Well i don't care what you think, the bible says what the bible says and nothing is going to change that.
    A person can be a part of the church if they are gay. If the gay person is celibate they can gain good roles in the church (though admittedly not above a certain level, I think). Again, the "love the sinner, hate the sin" mentality is implemented. Yes, for the higher church positions, they do discriminate if you're gay. But they also discriminate against women. Are you a mysogynist too?

    Do you ever wear a cotton t-shirt with jeans?

    If so, according to Leviticus, you're going to Hell too as you're not supposed to mix threads. Like you said, "the Bible says what the Bible says, and nothing is going to change that". Oh dear... (I also love how you're the Christian and you're hiding behind the Bible, yet you're the only person who hasn't yet referenced any aspect of it).

    Plus - if God hated gays so much why would he create them? If God is actually omnipotent and omniscient, he wouldn't make these "mistakes"?
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