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    I'm on a gap year, and i've applied for medicine at uni, with chemistry as a back up. I have offers for both. However, my chemistry course is at UCL.

    This is where i've got a dilemma. I know most people applying to medicine take the whole MEDICINE. THIS IS IT. BE ALL AND END ALL, but my gap year has opened my eyes (soz for making it sound cheesy/tacky) and i'm trying to weigh up my options.

    Medicine is medicine, it's great, but chemistry @ ucl - it's a top 10 uni, access to the best graduate careers (e.g. city careers), opportunity to study abroad, opportunity to study other modules/extras etc.

    Obviously it's not medicine, but I genuinely don't know where i'll end up - like I said, eyes opened up. Medicine vs. opportunity, basically.

    I don't know what to do! + doesn't help most of my family are like YOU'RE EVEN QUESTIONING AN OFFER FOR MEDICINE? ARE YOU MAD?

    (eternally greatful ive got an offer, but there might be better opportunities pursuing other things! I really don't know)

    tl;dr: dilemma. medicine at a decent uni or another degree from a top top uni, opportunity to study abroad, top graduate careers etc.

    it seems like you've made up your mind to study chemistry over medicine and you're wanting a justification for it.

    If you applied to your medicine universities with a Chemistry personal statement, would they have accepted you? :p:

    But more seriously, I'd honestly just try to think what you'd prefer. It's going to be hard for other people to answer, since they don't know exactly what you want.

    I say go for chemistry. If your commitment at this stage is wavering, likelihood is you would regret your decision for many years to come. Also, the chemistry degree from top 10 would leave you in good stead for employment in a wide variety of jobs.

    Infact, I've heard more than one medic lament over not choosing to do a pure science, just make sure you are committed the chem.

    Do you want to be a doctor? If so, do medicine. But it sounds like you'd rather do chemistry.

    Don't let UCL's amazing academic reputation cloud your judgement. I was hankering to go there for 3/4 years to do Scandinavian Studies, and when I went for interview, I didn't think it was all that great. I didn't connect with any of the teachers, I didn't like the atmosphere, and to top it off, think how much more debt it's going to put you in!

    My point, basically, is don't judge a Uni purely on its academic reputation. Think about whether you're going to be happy living there for 4/5 years. Most of my friends think I'm mad for not firming an offer from UCL, but I just didn't like it there.

    When you visit a university, you'll know right away whether you'd be happy there, and I totally felt like that at UEA. If you feel like that at UCL then go for it, just don't let academic excellence get in the way of your judgement!
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