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OMG what is it with uni people watch


    It happens, at the begining of uni everyone is out to make as many friends as they can. When it gets to the final months they don't see the point in making much effort, especially if they will be moving a long way when they leave in the summer. It only gets worse once you graduate aswell! But that's life..

    (Original post by Ich Dien)
    I was talking about me, its a joke.
    I thought you would ask me weather or not my friends cuddle me at night

    Lol lets just move this down along the line
    Lol, I was going to. Was just waiting for your reply. Haha. .
    Sie sind deutsche urteilen Sie Ihren Benutzernamen?

    Im really sorry guys but this ******* is long gone, I had him (as a punching bag) completely to myself XD

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    ok sorry for the rant,

    Im in my final year, just on easter break entering my final semester and I feel so out of touch...we'e had dissertations so seeing people isnt as frequent as before, but yeh, I just feel my friends have just dissolved. I used to have so many in 2nd and 3rd year but they seme to have all drifted..it's really sad, and I feel like why is this happening to me when everyone else seems to be in groups still...

    I'm a nice person, i'm a guy btw and am attractive (I know this has nothing to do with it really,but i was told good-looking people are more approachable), anyway...it makes me sad to think uni will be over next semester and everyone has drifted

    Feel like my life is over.
    Sorry that this is happening but it does happen, me being a freshman in college, some of us have drifted away from the main "group" of friends that we made in high school. Granted this might be a little different (age mainly) but with us all going to different colleges it's natural this would happen.

    We do all meet up on breaks and hang out since we still all do live in the same town, but I can see where you're coming from.

    Meh, why don't you propose that you all go and hang out one night when everyone is free or something?
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