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How much procrastination is normal? watch

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    It's easter break for me at the moment and I have a dissertation to write as well as revision for exams (deadlines for mid-late May). I've started research for the dissertation but I'm finding that I will procrastinate A LOT even though I know I don't have that much time left. The thing is I will procrastinate for no reason as well, for example I have nothing else to do today but I have spent the whole day just watching films/eating and doing about 30mins of study. Of course there are some days where I do hours at a time and it's very productive, but more often than not I end up procrastinating like this where I will just literally waste the whole day...

    When I think about my coursemates I just can't really imagine them being lazy like this too, but maybe that's just a misconstrued image on my part?! (I hope it is anyway!) Just wondering how much other people tend to procrastinate with regards to studying/revising??

    I dunno, I'll tell you tomorrow.

    The mind needs to see a reward for it to be stimulated enough to work. So if all you're doing is going for the lecturers approval you won't really get motivated, but as the weeks go on you maybe realize not handing in some work might get you kicked out or mean you get a lower mark be it a 2:1 or 2:2 and that's when the alarm bells start ringing and you type like your little fingers never typed before.

    Just a bit of advice, leave TSR before it's too late :sigh:

    You could try getting ride of all the clocks around you. That way you have no perception of time and tend to get on with work etc. Also you know that if you finish early then you can have an early night or watch a film etc.
    My only real problem is coming on TSR to get help on a question and get distracted. And then I know what time it is and feel I have loads of time left and then waste hours on the internet before I get back to work!!
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