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All I've Worked for is Gone :( What is the point now? watch

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm really upset today because my tutor has accused me of plagiarism. I've been suffering from stress for weeks and crying and just breaking down all over the place. My grades have slipped but they are still good enough to enter university. My tutor e-mailed me to say that I used none of my own research for a class assignment and I should be ashamed of myself. She was really cruel and I don't think I deserved it :'(.

    The facts-
    I HAD notes for that assignment and she took them away from me because they were too "detailed" even though they were nearly identical to my friends notes as we had worked on them together. How can I use my own quotes and information if she has taken them away?
    SHE REFUSED to give me an extension on the assignment even though I begged and begged three weeks before for one.
    I'd been throwing up for the past week and only came in that day because she threatened to fail me for the whole unit if I didn't.
    I came in that day crying anyway and asked again for an extension because I wasn't mentally prepared and she said no. I asked could I copy my quotes down off my "detailed" notes and she said no and this should serve as a lesson to me :'(.

    She also told all the other tutors about this and now they are treating me like dirt. They say I have an attitude problem and that I'm lazy. I was getting top grades before March but now I've lost the will to even try. Why when they treat me this way?

    The reason why I'm close to suicidal now though is that this tutor has arranged for me to go before the student government to determine if I should be kicked off the course :'(. If it passes, I lose all of the grades I've worked so hard to gain and I can't go to university in September.
    I'm so scared because I don't think I deserve this. There was a copying problem a few months back but I was never part of it. Everyone has been judged though and we only get one chance. I admitted to my tutor that I had basically copied the notes she had given me because she took my information away and she said it was okay :'(. She's now denying she said that :'(
    The student government members are mostly in her class and they all love her. I know they will take her side.

    I'm doomed.

    What have I worked so hard for all this time?

    This was my last chance. I can't afford to go to uni from 2012 onwards :'(

    what subject is this? and what assignment? unless it's an oral or something? because i dont see how you can have notes for an essay youre going to write as coursework that are too detailed??

    Speak to head of year, head teacher or some senior member of staffing about this issue. Making a false claim of plagiarism is quite serious and really unfair. Ask your friend (the one with similar notes) for a photocopy and get some ammo and go to the senior member of staff about it
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