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Very heavy duty study AND full time work- how to manage?? watch

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    bros and hoes

    ok this is in HR because probably managing it incorrectly will result in major health issues - stress, acne, hair falling out, lack of sleep, obesity and caffeine overdose.

    basically i work on average 48 hours a week - this figure includes 2 hours a day of commuting. so im out of the house 12 hours a day.

    i need to fit in 20 - 25 hours of study a week minimum, preferably 30. but i need all of it to be good quality study - i dont mean like study 30 mins snooze 30 mins. it must be actual study. and this isnt a cram for an exam type thing where a few all nighters and loads of coffee would be fine. i would be doing this for 7 - 9 months so i need a long term plan whic is managable and not going to result in the above ill effects, and to factor in free time, gym, sport etc so my health doesnt suffer, but i really need to maximise my study time.

    how do i do this?

    for health, i need: 8 hours sleep + 30 mins before bed to unwind (i get insomnia when studying). plus 1 hour a day sport/gym. i also will spend 12 hours out of the house commuting/working. so that leaves 2 1/2 spare hours a day. I was thinking to use 2 hours for study and 1/2 hour for cooking dinner. is this too extreme to manage in the long term?

    anyone else working f/t and studying? how can i multitask to fit in more study? i tried studying while commuting as well as 2 hours a day, but it wasnt good quailty study and the stress of having no free brain space made me give up, get loads of colds, lack of sleep etc.

    also any advise on supplements/vitamins i can take to maximise my concentration span?

    and is 9 hours a day each day at the weekend too much? or is it do-able if i take regular breaks?

    at uni (undergrad) i used to study 6am - 12 mdnt every day for like 4 months. but when you are working full time and cimmuting for 12 hours a day, with other responsibilities it is much harder. i work in finance btw so it is a brain-churning job, not a retail doss type job hence why i suffer from brain strain if i try to study too much as well. Plus, i need a long term plan as i could be doing this for like 9 months.

    it is a very hard qualification and could lead to a fully funded PhD in International Taxation if i pass.

    also will pursuing any hobbies while studying be beneficial or distracting?

    Sounds abit....impossible? Maybe you need to cut your work hours down to prioritize your studies.
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