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Why does she consider herself to be my friend but never asks me out with them? watch

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    I'm on at uni placement with my flat mate Laura (who is on my course too). I consider her to be a friend usually, but she is better friends with the other girl in my flat and girls in the flat above me. I usually go out with them on a Friday evening, but I usually ask Laura if its ok, as I'm not really a friend of the other girls. I have to ask because otherwise she will never mention it to me that I should come out with them. Today we were on placement all day, she said to the teacher I am going out in the evening, but she never mentions it to me, even though I know she would consider me as a friend. I feel left out all the time, even though we get on fine on placement. I was in the kitchen, she didn't speak to me and spoke to my other flat mate (her friend) and said what are you wearing etc. Last Friday I went out with 2 boys from my flat, theres another boy Alex (my flatmate) who is always in his room. I was a bit worried about him and asked him twice that evening if he would like to come out with us that evening. Laura never bothers to come and ask/speak to me about it if I am in my room. Our friend paul asked me a minute ago if I was going to be on the wine tonight (assuming I am going out with them) but I said I am not sure anymore. I don't feel welcome at all as no one seems to give a sh*t whether I am there or not. Tommorow I will see her and she will be all friendly with me, but why does she never think to talk to me about going out?

    We are both actually on a primary teaching course. Therefore I am concerned about people if I feel they are being left out. So much for acting like a caring person, she doesn't seem to care less whether I go or not?!!!!!!

    Maybe she feels the same way about you. Go out of your way to go out with her and see what happens. Good luck.

    You could be over-reacting to this, they may generally take it as an 'everyone is always invited' event so never specifically invite people.

    You could always arrange to go out, you know. That way you're invited for sure.

    You could arrange something then invite them, just turn up or ask if you can come along, then show them you know how to have a good time.
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