Discrimination against public schools

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I thought I'd make a few observations.

1. Employers and universities really don't care what school you went to. The media like to whip up stories about comp school kids who didn't get into oxbridge because it sells newspapers.

2. Universities when looking at UCAS forms are only interested in a) your grades at GCSE as an indication of what you will really get at "A" level (because teachers usually over predict A level grades on the form), b) your commitment to the studying of the degree at their Uni (particularly at Oxbridge where it is most competitive) and C) what kind of individual you are based on your hobbies, interests, activities and positions of responsibility.

3. Employeers don't care about your school. They expect all graduate applicants to have 10 GCSE's at C+, three "A" levels and at least a 2.2. (they pick out the candidates they want based on their performance at interviews, their extra curricular activities and their enthusiasm for the job they are applying for).

It is a falacy to state that publc school pupils will be favoured over state school pupils when it comes to graduate recruitment. Although I would have to agree that public schools do provide pupils with better "grooming" into getting into universities. My school paid very little attention to encouraging pupils to go to uni, whereas my uni friends including two from Eton were given much more help and advice in the "conditioning for Uni life" so to speak.
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(Original post by Hoofbeat)

I still believe that Private schools are better for teaching students an all round education and no matter what you say IN GENERAL there students are more likely to be successful later on in life. If people chose to spend their money that way, then that is their own perogative and they should not be criticised as they have been on this forum.
What does that say about you then? Despite the benefit of a private education, you still do not seem to have mastered the basics of grammar and spelling :eek: !
You do not teach someone an education (all round or otherwise :rolleyes: ). Private schools do help their students to be more successful in later life, and normally try to improve their literacy. It is, in our society, the prerogative of parents to spend money on a private education for their children and I do not think anyone on this forum has criticized those who choose to do so; however, many of us feel that the system which allows them to do this is wrong.
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Hang on... its now a valuable experience for children to be in an environment where people would throw chairs at teachers, because these thugs constitute 90% of the population? I sincerely hope that this is not true. If it is, then we are bound to see the demise of state education shortly, I and any teachers that I know are unwilling to put up with this. If any child throws a chair at me, their next lesson will be in court. Seeing this violent, ignorant and aggressive behaviour is not a lesson any child needs.

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