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Some questions for Christians watch

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    I am an Atheist, however I am really interested to see the answers for these questions. I have never recieved satisfactory answers so I'd really appreciate it.

    1. The belief in the bible is circular logic, and nothing more. This is clearly a logical fallacy; so how do you justify this to yourself? Seeing as though you wouldn't do this for anything else in your life isn't this special pleading to appeal to your desire of an afterlife?

    2. Is the Bible literally true?

    (a)(possible answer) - Yes

    - If so then why does our knowledge of the world contradict that of the bible?

    (possible reply) - How do you know that science is correct?

    (my response) - because it can be used as application, and the formulaes theorys and laws all relate to any new evidence

    (b)(possible answer) - No, the bible isn't all literal

    - How do you know? Where does it establish in the bible where it is literal or not? and more importantly if our empircal knowledge of genes show that the idea of Adam and Eve would be impossible, then there would be no original sin, hence no reason for Jesus to die etc... and no building blocks for the religion itself, no?

    And remember, I'm just an Atheist - not a Nihilist et al so please answer my questions instead of asking me some in return.

    You have to understand that Christians don't feel the need to justify their faith using logic.

    Religious belief isn't based on logic, otherwise people like you and me would believe it, wouldn't we?

    They believe that the bible transcends logic and science, the two are parallel and do not cross, (Although some muslims say that the Qu'ran has predicted some modern scientific discoveries).

    Because of this you will never get a satisfactory answer to your questions from a religious perspective because you are using logic, and Christians don't. (The answers drawn when using logical argument would be that religion is factually untrue.)

    (Original post by imperial maniac)
    Religious belief isn't based on logic, otherwise people like you and me would believe it, wouldn't we?
    And that's what ****s me up. I can't possibly understand why some many idio... people take so much pride in believing in something that isn't logical and can't be proven.
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