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Forced to take Statistics: HELP!? watch


    (Original post by Comeheretellme)
    Yeah I use that one too but my friend recommends Auto-Trader. I just hate controlled assessment and thank goodness I've already completed my English GCSEs other wise I would have had to do the same with my essays and I hate being forced to do coursework in a controlled manner!

    My hypotheses are centred around mileage, age and price of second-hand cars. The boys are much more enthusiastic about this than the girls are lol.

    You're lucky you've already got an A* and it's highly likely you'll get another. I think I'd be really luck to even get an A or B and it would be because I just scraped the grade by a few marks! :s
    I'm sure you'll be fine! I havent got an A* in stats yet, just GCSE maths.
    Yes, consider ourselves lucky! I'd have failed English with controlled assessments! I redrafted my coursework like 3 times to get it to an A*!

    Good luck in your GCSEs!

    What's your workload like for your other exams? Stats is useful for some uni courses but if you got such a high mark in maths then I guess you wouldn't find it that much of a struggle anyway, even though you say you had to work hard for it.

    Are you up to date with your coursework at the moment? Got any more exams done, or are they all in June? You just have to think about your workload. If you feel as though you could pass, even if you only got a C (I don't mean a C is bad, I just think you're aiming higher than that) it's another GCSE that you've got that might help you later on in life; you never know :-)

    (Original post by Ears)
    I'm sure you'll be fine! I havent got an A* in stats yet, just GCSE maths.
    Yes, consider ourselves lucky! I'd have failed English with controlled assessments! I redrafted my coursework like 3 times to get it to an A*!

    Good luck in your GCSEs!
    Haha, I was saying that with an A* in Maths, you're more than likely to achieve another A* with Stats

    Good luck with yours too!

    See you around TSR!

    I made up my Stats CW data on reaction times the night before and did everything in about 4 Hours, and its really easy if you can make up rubbish about data and understand the formulas and then imput values in to Calculator, it's as easy as normal maths and actually quite useful.

    (Original post by andrew:))
    ive got a small problem at school. we took our terminal maths paper in january and therefore completed the full maths gcse course in january (i think the school does this so that anyone who fails can re-sit in the summer).
    anyway, i got an a* after literally locking myself in my room, every day, for about six weeks and constantly revising (i only got a b in the mocks so i was really pleased).
    in september the head of maths told me that anyone who passes has the option of studying statistics following the maths results and getting a second maths gcse. i told him then that i would not do statistics and he was fine with it.
    then i got the a* in march and he told me that i HAD to take statistics and i have no choice!? i know it sounds stupid but i really struggle with maths and to get an a* i had to work myself to death; it sounds like im lying but im not someone who just understands maths!
    so i told him that i didnt want to do statistics, and told him how hard i had to work to get the a* but he just did not listen. "because i got an a* i must be a whizz at maths" but im really not. everybody else who took statistics had the choice but yet i didnt?
    is he allowed to force me to do statistics? - especially after he told me that it was only optional?
    any feedback would be appreciated, thank you
    No he can't FORCE you to do stats, I just think he's strongly advising you (with reason) but you're right it's your choice.

    Try speaking to someone higher up..e.g. your head of year?

    Hope that helps

    Tell then to go suck a dong.
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Updated: April 6, 2011

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