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    when i started my period, i also had a discharge round the rest of the month. not a blood discharge, just a general sort of clear-white discharge. i didnt worry aboutit much at first, i thought it was just something that would clear up when my periods settle down, which is basically what the doctors said. i was on the pill for a while, but no luck.

    anway, fast forward 4-5 years and it basically the norm for me now and ive given up asking for help. most of the time its not painful or unconfortable or anything. the discharge is enough that i have to wear at least a pantyliner every day, but it varies. im usually alright at night, because my nightclothes arent very closefitting.

    anyway, i wear a lot of tampons and stuff, so when i noticed i was a little sore down there i figured it was just irritation from that. i did notice a little blood outside of my period, and it was like actual blood rather than a period discharge, if you know what i mean. but then it went away.

    i dont know if this next bit is related but it wont have helped the situation.

    i decided to try some form of hair control down there for the first time, and my veet sensitive skin said it suitable for the bikini area so i used that. i gave myself a caustic burn, basically (i think thats what its called) and that was REALLY sore all over the genral area. but it healed in the end and i thought i was fine.

    only theres still this little spot, the same spot as before i think, is still quite sore and ive noticed the little spots of blood outside my period like before.
    ive still got the usual discharge throughout the rest of the month.

    p.s im a virgin, if that matters at all

    I didn't read, but if you start a topic off with "Should I visit a Doctor" - you probably should.
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