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Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM) watch

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    Can anyone run the basics of SHM by me as according to Edexcel A2 course? I have a Mock Exam on Monday for Unit 5 and the textbook we've been given isn't too great for notes on it.

    A good place to start would probably be a definition of SHM. I still couldn't put what it is into words.
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    For a system undergoing shm, force is proportional to displacement and always directed towards the equilibrium point
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    PS Reviewer
    SHM: the restoring force produced by the oscillator is directly proportional to the displacement of the oscillator. This leads to F=-kx, where k is the force constant that tries to bring the oscillator into equilibrium (centre position)

    Be able to show the time period for a pendulum and a spring.

    Show the derivatives for the displacement, acceleration etc and prove any formulas using them (for example -w^2 x=a)

    the total amount of energy in a system and ideal scenarios (the conversion of KE to PE will not be perfect as energy will be wasted (usually sound and heat due to air resistance and friction))

    The significance of natural frequency, what is the phenonemum when this frequency is met in an object, what is driving frequency, driving frequency

    Different types of damping

    Hope this helps

    SHM: acceleration is proportional to displacement but in the opposite direction
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Updated: April 3, 2011
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