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    Basically I'm scared that I've picked the wrong course. I'm not sure where it will lead whether I should do a combined honours or not.
    Whether I will actually fit in if I go to uni, for the last 2 years I've been socially outcast at school and I just want to fit in.
    And about what uni's i should put down at my firm and insurance choice.
    It's out of Kent, Middlesex and Canterbury Christ Church and I've heard many bad things about Kent. I just really don't want to make the wrong choice.

    This is just my opinion but if you're not 100% about the course you've chosen. Is it really worth doing it? Why not wait until you decide what you really want to do. Could save a lot of time and money

    I agree with bananacake. If you're scared you've picked the wrong course, you might want to re-think about that because, you'll probably enter course with that frame of mind and just pick up on any little thing that will confirm what you originally thought about the course.

    Don't worry about fitting in, yes it is easier to say it then do it, but everyone is in the same position as you when you start.

    For your uni choices, the only thing I can suggest is for you to go to their open days and see which one you feel more comfortable in. But more to the point, really consider your course choice and good luck

    Everyone has a different university experience, and what some people may like, others may not.

    My personal experience of Kent has been bad, but others love it. However, if you don't like your course then that will severely affect your university life, as I experienced at RHUL.

    Have you thought about going through clearing?
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    If you're not sure, don't go. This is my opinion.

    "Fitting in" doesn't mean much to be honest - at university there will be people like yourself if you make the effort to find them. Just be sociable and you will be fine; people will just want to get pissed for the first few weeks and won't care who they do it with.

    I know someone at CCC who hates it. Of the three I would probably choose Kent.
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