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Should I get back into education and persue my passion or forget it? watch

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    I'm 20, I've been working full time as a care worker for adults for 8 months as a stop job after I pretty much failed my A-Levels (got a C and an E). I did fairly well at GCSE, (2A's 6B's and 2C's) but I have never been an academic (attitude) and I basically winged my GCSES. I had always put extra-curricular activities such as my volunteering first and only ever truly excelled and harbored interest in Sciences and ICT which I used to research/study for fun, I built my first computer age 10.

    In sixth form I truly went off the rails, I was drunk every other night, treated sixth form like a social gathering and/or slept. I was preoccupied, and my only "academic" interest was that of Philosophy, which is dead.

    Anyway It's coming to the point where I always intended to make a decision 8 months ago, I said I would be out of this job and going somewhere after 12 months. I'm at a crossroads of sorts, because I've always kept my options open. I had wanted to go back to sea and join the Navy, travel the world, that kind of life. Perhaps join the Fire service or Police after 10 years service.

    But what I really, really want to do is go back to college, then go to university to study Physics and then perhaps move on to Theoretical Physics and Cosmology. I know that sounds quite strange given my less than stellar academic history, but these are my passions, and I have read extensive lectures and researched them throughout my youth, this was how I educated myself, never in school for a test, but what interested me, that's why I never did so well on paper. Now that I'm a bit older and perhaps wiser, I can see myself sitting in a class and listening, working hard, studying at home and enjoying it.

    What should I do, because it's getting time to make a move and no turning back.

    If you're passionate about Physics, go for it. You have nothing to lose. I'd keep working (even it's part time), though, so you have some money to help fund your future studies.

    I started uni age 18, with much the same grades as you and having winged it up to that point, to do electrical engineering when i wasn't ready and ended up dropping out. I think that working for a while and getting a feel for what you're really interested in is a very good thing

    Having taken the plunge and gone back to uni i'm now 26 and just finishing my fourth year of Criminology which is absolutely fascinating and i would definately advise you to go for something you have an interest in.

    You will not regret it.

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