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    We met at the beginning of uni and for a while we were more than friends, but things didn't work out. She met another guy, but always said they would never date because she wanted to be with me but couldn't. Even though it hurt, I told ehr that was stupid since we could never work out, and told the guy, who was my mate, to go for it.

    it's slowly transitioned from her liking me and being unsure about him, to me barely being a friend to her anymore, and him pretty much being her boyfriend. A few days ago i was in her room, and she asked me to put a song on. Her fb was up, and she'd messaged me a song a few days before, so i went to get the link, and saw the end of a message to him, asking if they can watch a movie on saturday. They're both big cricket fans, so i assume they were planning to watch the cricket together.

    She'd told me she was going home saturday morning. She spent all of friday with other mates and him, then got upset when i was too tired to hang out friday evening, so i hung out anyway. Stayed up all night and helped her pack and wash her dishes up etc. The whole while she maintained that her mum was picking her up at 8am, but i knew the truth. I'd told her before i'd find it much easier to cope if she told me if they were dating rather than keeping me in the dark, and she'd promised she would.

    right up until the end she maintained that her parents were picking her up, and texted me throughout the cricket etc I asked her how home was at one point and if she was watching with her family, and she lied completely.

    Is she worth keeping in my life? I thought i loved her, but she makes it difficult for me to move on by always complaining that we don't hang etc, and yet dismisses me when other new friends are around and now lies to my face. Now i realise she probably just needed someone at the beginning of uni, and once a guy came along her parents would approve of i've been pushed aside. I've tried talking to her about all of this (apart from the lying), but we always end up arguing.

    Im finding it impossible to let go of our friendship - every time i've tried to stop talking to her she's become depressed and spent all day crying etc, and ive ended up looking like a heartless prick. We mostly have the same friends and are on the same course, in teh same halls etc. She's hurt me more than anyone ever has before, i've been close to fallign back into depression because of her. Don't know what to do anymore, i don't feel like there's a friendship left to save. could easily look at her messages and find out, but i don't want to betray her trust like that. :/

    I'm confused, she asked him to watch a movie, so you assume they're watching cricket together?
    Then she goes to all this effort to pack etc and sticks to her story, yet you still think she's lying?

    You got all this from the end of a FB message?

    Why couldn't you be together?
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