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    I suppose times change.
    Firstly, the word 'Negro' comes from the spanish word 'black', which everyone here seems to have referred to People of african decent as, and no-one seems to care about that.

    Secondly, it was quite common to use these words even 30 years ago, and then suddenly, BAM, you hate black people if you say anything along the lines of 'negro'. Obviously.

    Our english teacher was saying she was teaching 'To Kill A Mockingbird', and while reading it out loud, the word 'N*gger' came up, which of course she said. Instantly, a student in her class screamed she was a racist, and she had to spend aaaages explaining that she wasn't :rolleyes:.
    There was even a term for a colour, like 'maroon' or 'burnt umber' that was 'N*gger brown' but of course you don't hear that anymore.

    So, in conclusion, racist terms are only racist if they're meant that way. Because anything would work, if you wanted it to. like 'Hey african', and so on. People need to chill, seriously. And also, a lot of the time, it's white people that defend the more ethnic members of society from these terms/jokes/etc, while they themselves don't actually care. Weird, that.


    (Original post by whyumadtho)
    Out of interest, in terms of social acceptability, where do you feel the line (if you even feel there should be a line) should be drawn between a joke that is objectionable and a joke that is acceptable?
    See I don't really know, I'm not exactly the sort of person who is well aquainted with racist jokes! XD I think the sort of joke that pokes fun at someone for being whatever race they are, is racist. I can't thnk of any examples though :/

    white poeple say something about a balck person and its racist, a black says something about a white, nothing happens...
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    (Original post by chloe-xo)
    white poeple say something about a balck person and its racist, a black says something about a white, nothing happens...
    "Because that's not racist..."


    It pains me when people think that non-white groups are the only ones who can be victims of racism. I'm not saying that's what you think, chloe-xo - I'm supporting your point
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