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Help in creating a table from my results - decomposition of hydrogen peroxide watch

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    Basically, i need to create a table.. iVe been up all night as my dealine is on tuesday but i have no clue on make ing a new table.

    I have hydrogen peroxide which is 2 Vol(concentration) and stays the same and i have manganese Dioxide and is 1 gram and this stays the same. Basically, make these two react in a conical flask and i can collect the oxygen gas released at different intervals. I have 20, 40, 60 80 and 100 seconds.

    How would i put this into a good and organised format? How many rows and columns would i have? Ans would time go on the vertical column or the horizontal column? Please help thanks. Kinda confused :P

    State the constants outside your table ([H2O2], [MnO2], temperature etc). Then create columns headed with time, quantity of gas, and the things you will then go on to calculate (presumably moles of gas, extent of reaction etc). Remember to include units with the title of each column. Try putting something together and then post it and i'll be happy to help more if needed
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