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"Religion causes more bad than good." Opinions? watch

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    The good and bad balance out, religion is just a part of life


    (Original post by adam_zed)
    care to offer any explanation behind those empty words? Poitical ideology also offers and promises things yet, in fact bad acts are also "legitimized" under this" yet I dont think you will give it quite the scrutiny that you appear to be giving organised religion. Why is this?
    I agree with you, and to some extent I can't put my finger on why I think there's a difference.

    Perhaps it's because, to me, we need politics and government to provide law and order-whereas I don't think we need religion for those purposes. Maybe it's also because I think religion is utterly false, and therefore I think that makes it worse.

    I don't condone political atrocities, either. I'd like to remove all-or most-dividing criteria, but I think that we need some....

    This argument wasn't very strong, because it's something I can't quite pin down. You make a good point.

    (Original post by Aphotic Cosmos)
    You mean aside from the near-constant wars and conflicts, the repressive, antiquated legal systems, the completely off-the-wall fantasies about the creation of the universe that directly contradict scientific evidence and keep entire countries in the dark ages, the cultural vandalism, the misplaced sense of anthropocentric superiority leading to environmental catastrophes, the blind unquestioning fanaticism of it's believers . . .

    There are no benefits to a world with religion. If it had died out in the renaissance we would have colonies on Mars by now.

    Couldn't agree more! :yy:

    Tbh, imo, you'd have have be a little ignorant to assume the world would be any less screwed up without religion.

    You could look back on negative events that have occurred in history wars, slavery etc, not on the basis of religion, but on power, money and status.
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