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Jamie's Dream School - make me angry! watch

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    Does anybody else get really angry at Jamie's Dream school because the kids are all getting such a great opportunity and yet they don't even give a **** and don't seem to be improving since they began the school.

    I honestly don't feel sorry for most of them, besides the ones who actually want to work but don't get TV time because they aren't dramatic enough. Tbh I don't even think that they deserve to be there, never mind complaining during their politics lesson that they can't get a council flat whilst loads of foreigners are getting one, its like - yeah because you've put so much into this country?

    Urghhhh it just makes me so pissed off that they are criticising a system that works for the majority of people besides these, why are you giving sympathy to lay abouts like this?

    Rant Over.

    Always hated things like this, even the advert pisses me off.

    "he acksplanied things in ways we could understand"

    It's all this rubbish about "look how the school system isn't working and all these people HAVE the ability to be good students"

    NO, everyone went to school with these kind of people and they were dicks. It's like they get praised for their good behaviour, NO that's normal that's what we already did, why are they getting bloody praise for something they SHOULD have been doing.


    I agree...
    same old story-->

    The badly behaved get praised for the sudden spurt of good
    The always behaved get nothing in comparison

    Jamie doesn't really know what he's doing does he
    It's a controversial TV idea to get viewers anyway...

    So essentially, the message that Jamie's sending out to the good students is that being bad=TV deal and a chance to work with celebrities!! =D
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