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What's your favourite snack? watch


    Crisps, a handful of dry cereal, fruit, yogurts, custard creams =]

    an indian snack called: gol guppe....OMG i simply LOVE those....i would advice EVERYONE...those who havent tried this...before you die...YOU MUST TRY THIS!
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    (Original post by SoapyDish)
    Freakin' love crisps. Give me crisps. Any crisps. My favourites are Kettle Chips, Doritos, Walkers, Skips, Wotsits, Chipsticks, Walkers Max, Walkers Sensations...Basically anything made of potato (or not), fried (or baked), with salt.

    As a healthy snack, making your own popcorn ranks pretty highly. It's so much cheaper than buying microwave packs, and you can choose what flavours to add. Apparently you can make it in the microwave with a paper sandwich bag, but I do mine on the hob:
    Heat a tablespoon or so of oil in a saucepan that has a lid.
    Before it gets so hot that it starts spitting, pour in about 100g or so of popcorn kernels and put the lid on.
    Shake it about a bit to make sure all the kernels are coated in a little bit of oil.
    Leave it on the heat, shaking every now and then to move the popped kernels up to the top of the pan, and letting the unpopped kernels fall to the bottom.
    Then just dump it all in a big bowl and flavour it - I like salt, but apparently it's quite nice with cinnamon...
    It takes a few tries to perfect what heat to put it on, and you'll usually end up with a fair few unpopped kernels and some burnt popped ones...but a bag of like 500g is about 80p, compared to at least £2 for 3 Butterkist microwave bags.
    Ingenious! I must try this

    Carrots straight out of the bag. I don't bother to peel it, I just munch and go.

    I also love yoghurt and bread dipped in ANYTHING edible. Seriously love bread.

    Pork chops

    For a healthy snack, if you like spicy things, buy a bottle of this beautiful sauce:

    It's called Sriracha and you can buy it in the World Food section of Tescos, or Asian shops. It's a spicy chilli garlic sauce that basically goes with anything. It's like the duct tape of foods.

    Then just dip carrot, cucumber, radish, any kind of raw vegetable sticks into it. It's so good. And as long as you don't go crazy with the sauce, it's healthy too.

    I also make my own trail mix with raisins, dried fruit, nuts (careful because they do have a lot of fat), cereal (anything would work but Cheerios and Shreddies are good) and maybe even a tiny handful of chocolate drops. You can put a little bit into a tupperware and take it with you so you always have something to nibble on. Oh if you like the sweet and salty combination put some mini pretzels in there too ^^

    Another nice little snack, though less transportable, is ryvita crackers with cream cheese. I get the Lite version but they probably both taste the same. And baby gherkins if you like them. It makes me feel vaguely Scandinavian when I eat that. It's probably good with smoked salmon too but that would take it out of the cheap and healthy bracket :P

    Make your own popcorn from scratch and sprinkle it with a little salt or sugar. It's much better for you than ready made/microwave stuff and you'll be surprised by how little seasoning it needs.
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