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Self Nostalgia. Pour your heart out. Come on. watch

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    Okay I'm pulling an all nighter for mechanics unit 1 its 2:20. Suddenly out of the blue I go on you tube and remember the name of my old youtube username. I forgot the pass sadly but I see a 20 second video. Its a very bad quality clip of me on a game called Runescape back in June 2007. This clip has me saying one inaudible word however my voice is distinctly different I'm a child its clear. All these emotions comes pouring back to me. I continue to feed this by listening to an old 2005 music track of the game this takes me even further back to the year 2005 specifically December when I began my Runescape adventure. I feel amazing feeling of curiosity adventure and above of peace. :hippie:

    I Delve even deeper into my childhood and listen to an old track of the Game Gran Turismo 2 with the song 'My Favorite Game' well the remixed version. This take me back to when I was the age of 7 and acquired my Ps1 with this game. I think I'm relieving the old games and the emotions I feel are due to them well I realize they are not. I'm reliving my childhood for that short moment that second in time.:h:

    Now call me weird but I have a vivid timeline of my life in my head and these games are simply triggers that unlock those screenshots and clips stored in my internal hardrive. But its scary how my life has drastically change from 2001 to 2011 even 2005 to 2011, in fact even 2007 to 2011. Childhood is short when you think of it but It felt life eons living it I lived a very sheltered Childhood 9'o'clock bedtime never allowed out till around 15 out I mean go out and 4:00pm come back at 5:00pm yes it was pretty sheltered. So i kind of only had my games as friends after school hours and I was well Violently bullied since year 5 up until year 10, also beaten up by Islamic 'Teacher' for around an hour after school during this period. sad times. If I could restart my life which i cant I would do so much differently. BUT SADLY you cant.

    I wrote a lot I guess I'm just bored lonely and emotionally unstable. Its true what they say you dont realize how good something is till you lose it. COME BACK CHILDHOOD COME BACK 05.

    I wana know if you guys have had similar experiences since this is how depressed A levels make you.

    P.S. I still do have constant problems with my parents and my A levels pisss me off!!! but I love em both. Oh yea My secondary School was horrrid but now my Sixth form is quite good.

    Oh yea sorry for crappy typing its late.
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    So no-one had a childhood interesting.
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