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Is counselling for me...? watch

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    (Original post by maturestudy)
    Oh I wasn't meaning to correct anyone - sorry if it came across like that.

    It's still best to go through the GP IMO as there is bound to be a waiting list and he/she may be able to suggest other ideas in the meantime.
    Oh I didn't think you were trying to correct me! I just meant that I'm glad to see there are other avenues, though like you say GP is probs the best bet

    I had CBT last year but nowhere near enough sessions for it to be effective enough, hence why my depression has returned. Saying that, with the right number of sessions CBT is very good at improving people's depression as it gets to the route of the problem.
    Antidepressants are always an option if you feel as though your dark moods need to be plateaued out, there's some that start work after only 2 weeks now and the side effects aren't that bad as they used to be.
    There are other types of therapy if CBT isn't working for you.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I need help, I need to talk to someone who I can trust and who won't judge me...
    It sounds like your counsellor isn't helping matters at all. Like others have said, go and see someone else.

    Feel free to pm myself too if you'd like.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I just went to my counsellor this morning - the second 'assessment' session, and she told me I needed to think about whether counselling is for me.

    The thing is, I thought it was. I'm not quite sure if I'm depressed as she hasn't told me black-and-white, and I don't want to label myself as one if I'm not but I've been feeling down/low and suicidal for the past, I'd say, three to four years now, and it's only since this year that I've plucked up the courage to go and see someone about it.

    I have issues talking about my feelings, with the fear of that person judging me for who I am, and because of this, she thinks I'm playing 'games' and don't know what I actually want - which is true, I suppose.

    I think I know why I feel the way I do, but I don't think it's such a big deal to anyone else, which is why I have a hard time opening up - Plus, thanks to my mother, I have trust issues.

    Also, I have a fear in the back of my mind, that if I tell her my thoughts, and that I've contemplated acting out my thoughts, she'll refer me to someone else. I know people who are crazy say they aren't, but I know what I'm thinking is stupid, and I WANT to change this, because I hate feeling this way, but I am not in any way, crazy! I know the consequences of my actions.

    I had this idea of just writing down what was going on in my life, and why I felt the way I did - she thought I was just giving her my problems and asking her to sort it out for me.

    I really don't know where I'm going with this thread... I just need someone, preferably someone who is currently undergoing therapy, or someone in the same situation as I am, to tell me if counselling is for me; and if not, what are the alternatives? Because, after my 'session-that-was-not-quite-deemed-a-session' I took a long walk thinking about what she said, and all it did was make me cry.

    I need help, I need to talk to someone who I can trust and who won't judge me...
    Your counsellor said that?:eek:

    Find another counsellor, babe. You can't decide whether counselling is for you or not if you counsellor is ****. I made a formal complaint about one of my counsellors. I am shocked she said you were giving her your problems that's what she is there for.
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