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    (Original post by CookieDoughLove)
    I didn't think it was cold enough this winter. I spend most of it sleeping in vest top and shorts :sad: .....I miss the days where I used to curl in front of the fire with thick winter jammies on........didn't feel the need for it last winter. Shame really, tis my favourite time of year :yep:
    It wasn't the cold that was annoying, it was living in wellies for a month Also I've only just took the extra blanket off my bed...:getmecoat:

    I am not sure what the uni is like for post grad but I know that for undergrads in biological science, law, subjects allied to medical science and psychology northumbria student get a higher percentage of 1st class degrees. Suggesting that the teach is of very good quality.
    If you can put it up against a russell group uni and get better result the you know its working hard.

    My advice would be to visit the uni and the city and see if you like the feel of the place. It is a good enough uni but it is very lively and not for everyone.

    (Original post by Mad4footie)
    I did my undergraduate degree in Iowa, where winters aren't friendly in the least. The lowest temperature that first winter was -35 C. It was not fun. So I just want to be prepared this time around.
    lol, you'll find Newcastle's winters near enough tropical. Temperatures across the country don't differ substantially (unlike many other countries) with the west, particularly south west, the warmest. The UK as a whole has quite mild temperatures compared to other countries at a similar latitude who are much colder. Newcastle is relatively dry but can have a chilly wind.

    The last two winters have been have been particularly cold with heavy snowfall across the country, so not specific to Newcastle. Temperatures probably dropped to a low of around -20 C. The lowest in around 80 years so this was very, very unusual.

    The average high during the year is 12.5oC and low is 5oc. Winter temperatures typically range from 0oc as a low to 7oC as a high.

    In short, temperatures are fairly mild in the UK. You just need to realise that they don't change significantly during the year (summer highs are only 8oC higher than winter highs).

    One thing to keep in mind is how the entire country grinds to a halt at the slightest sign of snow. It puts other countries (parts of the US, Canada, Scandanavia) to shame. Central London, a global city, was brought to a standstill two years ago by a relatively light covering of snow. Well, around an inch.



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    Newcastle was favourite to win European Capital of Culture the year Liverpool won it and it was a reasonable shock when it didn't win. It offers the largest contemporary art space of its kind in Europe on Gateshead Quayside (where, as aready mentioned, the Turner Prize is being held this year). There's also the Laing Art gallery and smaller galleries such as the Biscuit gallery.

    It is, along with London, the second home of the Royal Shakespeare Company. So it sees regular productions from the RSC, particularly during the summer. These are at the Theatre Royal - a lovely theatre. There are other theatres and you can find out about these on that website. In Sunderland there's the Empire Theatre, the largest theatre between York and Edinburgh, and this sees some West End productions.

    The Hancock museum/Great North museum has just undergone a substantial investment and expansion (including some of Newcastle University's collections being moved there). It has been receiving some national awards. There's also the Life Science centre, an interactive visitor centre as well as the site, along with Newcastle University, of world pioneering stem cell research. Then there's the Discovery museum, a castle (and many, many, many more in Northumberland - what with it being "border county". If you like castles then you'll love Northumberland.

    There's two UNESCO World Heritage sites nearby. Hadrian's Wall (Roman wall) and Durham Castle and Cathedral (in Durham, obviously). There are also a number of Roman forts and museums nearby.

    There's the Sage Gateshead on Gateshead Quayside for a range of music (classical, opera, rock, folk).

    It can, in my opinion, match any city outside London and has a particulary unique vibrancy.

    (Original post by Lantana)
    It wasn't the cold that was annoying, it was living in wellies for a month Also I've only just took the extra blanket off my bed...:getmecoat:
    Interestingly that winter, even with the snow, was a drier than average winter (and Newcastle itself is one of the driest cities in the country). Rain comes in from the west and falls over the Pennines leaving Newcastle in a rain shadow.

    (Original post by Mad4footie)
    Masters in International Development. I'm guessing it's not a very popular course.

    How expensive is Newcastle, compared to cities down south? How cold is it up there? I imagine the night life is great, but what about cultural stuff like museums and art galleries? How friendly is the city? Unfriendly cities like London intimidate me.
    Newcastle is a cheap city, for most things. Geordies are some of the friendliest people in the world. I should know, I've lived in Newcastle all my life . It's very cultural, with lots of museams and art galleries and fantastic architecture. We are pretty much the best city in the world!!!!

    Yeah i'm hoping to do nursing at Northumbria in Sept, i've visited a couple of times now and out of all the Uni's it is the friendliest! Newcastle is a lovely place, and (even as a southerner) don't find it any colder and they definitely deal with snow better than down south!! The Geordies are such friendly people too

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