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    (Original post by River85)
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    Not everyone living on an estate is on benefits though...

    I don't know, I've been around some of the most deprived estates in Tyneside, Merseyside, London, Manchester and Sheffield. I don't see too many cars.

    I've been around some ex-council estates and see four by fours, estate cars, expensive caravans and similar. But that's the key difference. Ex-council estate (ie. the houses are now private and either owned outright or with a mortgage) with houses often occupied by professional people or families whose children are independent - they can therefore afford these things.

    In estates yes, there are cars, but not particularly expensive cars. Cars are, to some, a genuine necessity. Especially those with certain severe disabilities (who are more likely to live in on these estates) and some are given a mobility payment or allowed to rent a vehicle from the state. But even this is under threat for some.

    Yes, some students do struggle to get by, but this is a voluntary situation. They can, if they want, leave university and get a job (or, if the welfare state is as generous as you seem to think, sign on the dole).

    There are families up and down the country who are struggling to get by. Students, if the worst comes to the worst and they are in such dire financial straits that they may need to drop out, can go to the university. The university will then offer financial support. Access to Learing, for example.

    They are fairly well protected members of society, with most (albeit certainly not all) also coming from relaively affuent families. Don't dare even suggest that most students are living in poverty comarable to those who are genuinely struggling in society.

    I KNOW not everyone on an estate is on benefits! Some do very nicely but choose to live somewhere where the rent is heavily subsidised in order to save money! Once you are awarded a council house you can keep it forever!

    The FAMILIES have put themselves in their situation voluntarily! Who the hell asked people with little money to have kids?

    There are also couples with children on benefits who have other relatives i.e grandparents who could pay for things for the children. Why should the taxpayer pay for these children? It is gross abuse of the system to use the money for birthday presents etc.

    OP, I see where you're coming from.
    Just watched tonight's Dispatches, I sure as hell don't want them getting my money.

    ...Gotta be a troll.

    (Original post by Lemozo)
    Yes but I didn't expect to earn over the threshold, and so I'd always seen it as a grant rather than a loan.
    I kind of see what you're getting at. The words 'Student Loan' are misleading.

    The OP has received his answer now. No, you cannot fill in a form declaring you didn't attend university. You need to repay your loan if you're earning above the threshold which you are.

    I think this is all that can be said and the thread is going off topic.

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