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    Hi all.

    Someone on another thread I'd started pointed me over here, so I thought I might as well ask for advice again. My apologies if it's too close to spamming.

    Anyway, I've been thinking of late (very late) of applying to the UK for an LLB. I only started thinking of it after my sister mentioned a friend of hers who'd studied at SOAS, so I'm very late for the 2011 cycle - even if it doesn't work this year, I'd love to try for the 2012 admission, though from what I've seen so far a number of places are, at the very least, still taking applications for 2011 from international students.

    I've registered with UCAS and also been in correspondence with the international contacts for Canada at SOAS and Aberdeen, but I'm still pretty puzzled on the whole UCAS process.

    Short story:
    I did well in high school, got into some solid universities, and for a variety of reasons didn't do very well at university, leaving before finishing my degree. I've been back at home and working for the last year and a half, and taking care of my (ageing, but soon to be retiring and moving to live with their relatives, so I won't need to sit around being primary caregiver) parents - for reference - one almost died of a heart attack and the other burned half our house down.

    So with all this, I'm wondering if I might still have a shot at studying in the UK. Looking at UCAS, the big thing that's holding me back (aside from choosing universities) are the education and reference sections.

    Should I submit my high school name and start-finish date, as well as my few years of an undergrad in Canada, or just one of them? And how would I go about actually getting the grades/reports/transcripts from the places I went to to UCAS?

    When it comes to the referee section, is it best to have an academic reference? I've a professor or two who might still remember me from a few years ago, but frankly I doubt it. Would an employer be acceptable? I also have no predicted grades, since, well, I've not been in school for a while now.

    One more question while I'm at it, actually.

    I'm particularly interested in doing a Law degree, but I also want to combine it with something else. In the case of SOAS, social anthropology (or religion, given what said prof who could be a reference suggested I really ought to study). Given that different universities offer different combinations, is it acceptable on the personal statement to just focus on law, or should I really limit my applications to just those universities that specifically offer the same combination?

    I'm under no illusions as to my desirability as a candidate, but hey, I've got the money to pay for it and the interest in learning in an academic setting, so here's hoping.

    Thanks for any advice.
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