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How long does your car battery last with.. watch


    (Original post by JC.)
    Cant see it myself. You only need to be going about 5 mph to bump start a car.

    I regularly bump start my car just rolling off the drive!
    I imagine it's to do with unburnt fuel contaminating it.

    Wouldn't like to have bump started (or jumped for that matter) one of the vehicles I drove last summer - think it had 3 batteries in parallel, all rated at something like 300Ah. It was a 17 litre engine though!

    my old bike had a dead(ish) starter motor, so i had to push start that each time.

    (Original post by Landie_Man)
    The cat convertor??? How, surely dumping the clutch so the gears and fly wheel catch is worse?
    The unburnt fuel going through the engine on bump starting it can contaminate the catalytic elements, which when they burn off can cause damage.

    I wouldn't worry about it though, you would have to bump start many times for it to actually become a problem.

    It depends on a 2 things, the amount of power the battery produces, and how much power the stereo needs to run/ how much power the stereo is taking.
    Some cars may last an entire night, others may only last an hour at most.

    (Original post by Sim188)
    I may be sounding stupid, but once the battery runs flat, what's the procedure? Jump leads?
    It's not stupid at all.
    If the lights are coming up on the dashboard, you'd be able to push start it. As there is power in the car to get the ignition system working, but not enough for it to turn the engine.
    If there are no lights on the dashboard, then you will need a jump start.
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