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    its been going back and forth for a while (basically he wasnt sure whether i liked him and i wasnt sure whether he liked me) and then we had an argument and he told my friend to tell me that he liked me (bit lame i know) so know its out in the open- sort of- we dont mention that we both know , we're basically moving relli slow , which im liking but i want something to happen and i no he does too..and im hoping somethings going to happen at this party on friday.
    anyway and now my friend is trying to put me off him , saying all this stuff like when hes drunk hes relli pervy - which he hasnt been like at all since we've started having this thing - in november, and always saying bad things about him even though hes one of her best friends. she was never like this before i told her , and i dont think she likes him.
    its just really confusing me and annoying me! what should i do about it? some of its true, but i dont like it when she keeps on saying it! especially when it was her me and another friend who doesnt know and obviously she knew i was there when she made the pervy comment.
    and my other question is, how can i get something to happen between me and this guy? its so hard to find a time when its just me and him, theres never a moment and its at one of those relli exposed places so there isnt relli a moment free - i was thinking asking him if he wanted to walk there with me?
    thank you!
    p.s. im thinking i might ask her whether this he has been 'pervy' recently? but do i want to give her that satisfaction.......plus i dont no whether he has been pervy at all, iv never experienced it!
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    Just ignore this girl, sounds like shes stirring **** and no one needs that and as for moving forward as him to go to the cinema or for dinner/lunch or something just you two!
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