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Feels like my 'friend' is using me . . . watch


    Either she is really clingy or she likes you
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    (Original post by Broderss)
    How about you do what friends do and help her out when she needs your help? Stop being so self-centred otherwise you'll soon find yourself lacking friends and you won't have a boyfriend to fall back on.
    I find this a bit harsh considering the fact that I've helped her out since September! I'm happy to help my friends but I think it's taking it a bit far when she's asking me for everything. . .

    (Original post by CharlieBee_90)
    I have a friend who is a bit like this. I can certainly relate to the getting phone calls early in the morning part!

    Switch off your phone before you go to bed would be my answer to that.

    Are you able to put the module guides in a word document? If you do that and email those to her at least she can't bug you anymore...?
    Thanks for the responses everyone The only thing I haven't tried so far is ignoring her, which is why I wanted TSR's thoughts as I know I wouldn't like it if the roles were reversed.

    The thing is the module documents were given to us in paper form when we first started and if she's lost them it's easy to access them on blackboard. I've offered to show her how to use blackboard but she always says she cba She wanted the work a tutor set for class a while back so I decided to email her all the different sheets, like you suggested, but she doesn't seem to be able to use email either :/

    Just to give a current example... Today we only had one lecture because the other modules have finished but I needed to wait for my train, so I said I was going to the library to work for a bit. Because I left after an hour she realised we didn't have the later seminars and went into a rant because I hadn't told her In fact, she didn't know this was the last academic week until September which I still find really odd lol

    I really don't want to sound harsh but at the same time I think she should be able to sort herself out a bit more by now.
    I've been pretty negative about her in this thread so I'd like to point out that I really do get along well with her which is why I'm a bit unsure about what to do.

    (Original post by DLJ)
    When you next see her, slap her in the face with a wet fish. Preferrably a shark, but a less efficient substitute would be a big aaaasss cod . Works a treat- she'll understand .
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