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depression/ suicidal watch

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    "anon or delete"

    as I see it discussing depression and suicidal tendencies with my GP is the correct way about getting this sorted? Tbh though I think GPs are douches :/. How common is talking to a GP about this stuff, I hope I don't have to go into detail with him/ her though... I guess I'd rather talk to a specialist or something.

    I don't want to tell my family either so I'm gonna go to doctors when they're on holiday. anyone from experience attempted to keep it secret? I'll probably tell them after I've seen the doctor depends on what's said.

    Idk I'm quite serious about this though.
    I'm gonna be one of those people who... I won't finish that sentence perhaps the usual H&R trolls/ rep hunters can :|
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    I've struggled with depression for a long time now. I think trying to keep it from your family only makes recovery more difficult in the long run, but then and again I can't really talk :P
    It sounds like you need a doctors appointment as soon as, you could tell your family that you've been having trouble sleeping, that way if you have to go back to the Dr. but you don't feel ready to explain why, you can say that he asked you to keep a sleep diary or something along those lines.
    The GP will ask some tricky questions about self harm, thoughts of suicide, but if you really don't want to anwser them, they won't make you.
    I really hope this helps

    Ive been suffering from depression and schizophrenia for quite a long time now, so ive got just a bit of experience about this.

    if you are 18 and older, you have the right to keep medical information from your family. im sure your GP and other health professionals will tell you this as well. when i first went to my GP and complained about feeling depressed, he was a total douche and told me that i just need to sleep more and eat healthy, but he said that he will refer me to the mental health sector of the NHS (which he didnt do). i returned to him a year later, and told him that i frequently cut myself, and it was only then that he referred me to the mental health sector. once i was referred, i was asked by a therapist/psychologist a bunch of questions and filled out loads of questionnaires pertaining to depression and schizophrenia, before a firm diagnosis was made. you can only be given medication once a diagnosis is made, but you can request sleeping aids and the like from your GP.

    ive kept the information from my family for well over 3 years, but once i started medication and home interventions for schizophrenia i had to tell them. they dont know, however, that ive got depression so im sure its possible to keep it from your family.

    depending on what kind of people your family is, it might be best to either tell them or keep it from them. my family are very religious and told me to pray to god to make me better, that i wasnt crazy and i didnt need medication. that did not help me at all, and they still give me heat about my treatment. i wish i hadnt told them. but if they were supportive and caring (but not OTT), id definitely tell them if i were you.

    It might not be the correct way (depending on the GP you see and if they're any help) but it's one of the better ways of trying to deal. You do have to be honest so talking about feeling suicidal and depressed will probably involve being honest and not holding anything back.

    I kept everything secret from my mum for a while which was a big mistake. Telling her felt like a huge weight off my shoulders and she was able to help me recover.

    If I don't like the GP's response I think I'll cut myself in front of him/her

    Would you be surprised to know that many people with mental health issues feel that nobody will believe them or that they will be judged, criticised or seen as a 'failure' for feeling this way. You might feel totally alone and as if nobody else can understand you but the good news is that it's not true. That doesn't mean you are stupid for feeling this way!

    Perhaps you could have a think about the kind of response you would like your GP to have when you talk to him/her. What would your ideal GP say, what sort of support would you like and what kind of treatment options have you considered?

    You don't have to wait as you can speak to your GP in confidence even if you're under 18. Consultations between a doctor and patient are confidential.

    Feel free to PM me if you need to talk.
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