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    I got AAAAD in my prelim, the D was in English and I was 1 mark off a C, so it's not like I failed horribly.

    I currently have 32 hour revision weeks set up on school-days, but 42 hour weeks on the weeks that I'm off (e.g Easter)

    Right now I've got it split:
    English - 7
    Maths - 7
    Biology - 6
    Chemistry - 6
    French - 6

    What percentage of my revision should be English? I've never received below an A for the other four subjects, and I'm confident I can do well so can risk doing say only 5 hours of the bottom 3 subjects...
    What would you do TSR?

    (Original post by mckinnon94)
    What would you do TSR?
    Focus heavily on English. It's the first exam, you can afford to neglect the others a little but refresh yourself after it. It is harder for self-study for, though.

    - Re-read your texts at least once.
    - Practice making quick essay plans
    - Practice writing essays in timed conditions
    - Practice close reading in timed conditions
    - For each text on a page of A4 write down the main themes, key points/scenes, important quotes (and some quick analysis) and main quotes for each character. (Do this slightly nearer the exam. It should help you remember the most important things.)

    I got a C in English (2% off a B) and did well in my other subjects so I know how you feel. I didn't do many of the above before my prelim so that is probably why. Good luck

    (Even though I did worse at English I'm still going to evenly distribute studying time. At GCSE I revised more for some subjects and less for others (I thought I was strong in) but I was wrong. You might end up doing better in English but could sacrifce that A in another.

    I was only 7% from an A in my prelim :mad:

    My advice would be to learn your texts, know them to the point where you can bend at least 1 past paper essay question fit it well. I have made little write-ups for my texts, brief plot summaries, themes, symbols, analysis of characters etc. so I can just read them to refresh my memory.

    Make essay plans and just try and go through past papers writing essays that fit. Where I slipped up is not mentioning the author, it is SO EASY to just write about the text as if it is the character that is making all of the story but it isn't. It's the author. Always mention the question too, in each paragraph, it should aid you in keeping a consistent line of thought.
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