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Is politics now just a tool to brainwash us? watch

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    Celebrities are now trying to sell politics. This is so that people will be persuaded to vote for party policies on the back of people's liking for principled celebrities.

    This must be a tool used to brainwash people into voting a certain way, or against a certain way.

    In this environment where the public are not easily informed of the world of politics, what is the length that the politicians will go to brainwash us into voting this way or that way?

    (Original post by Martyn*)
    Is politics now just a tool to brainwash us?
    Has it ever been anything else?

    Advertising, Promoting =/= Brainwashing.

    Its a tool to guide people, to give them direction and reason. I would say it was more to control, then to brainwash. If you can control the masses, you can control the country. I wouldn't even say it was control, with most ideologies; I'd say it was more an area with a fence around it. You're free to roam, but don't try and cross the fence. This is at least the case with Liberalism. Then again, Anarchism would see those fences pushed down.
    Still, I'd say it was more a sense of, "This is right, whereas this is wrong".


    Our whole system of 'democracy' is a charade. In the house of commons you do get some genuine conviction politicians who genuinely want to stand up for what's right but they are drowned out by the arse lickers who will sell out their principles just to get a place in the cabinet. The ones in government never have any real power anyway, they are controlled by richer, more powerful people above them.

    They take the right wing members of the Labour party, and the left wing members of the Conservatives and use them to set the 'centre' position which has hardly changed at all in the last 30 years.

    Then in the media they pretend to be sworn enemies and have seemingly heated debates, when in reality it's all just good acting, Mandelson and Osbourne went on holiday together! (with Mr Rothschild naturally).
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