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    (Original post by Peace0fM1nd)
    Yep i do agree that its only fair for her mum to ask, but OP has only mentioned half the story. I would really like to know how many times her mum had asked beforehand and i really doubt it the money was taken malicously or with intent to steal thats why a guaranDAMtee'd that her mum will giv it back.
    I know someone who's mum frequently STEALS their belongings just because they are too lazy to go out and make the money themselves.

    (Original post by curtis871)
    why blame a sibling when it was the mother who did it?
    because the banks don't need to know all your business, blame it on a friend then, I was just using an example of someone else.

    what the hell, the day my mum needs to take money off me will be a bloody miracle, or i better be earning bloody millions!!

    (Original post by Evil Monkey)
    Oh don't worry it works both ways, we laugh at your way round it too. Be indebted to your parents? For what, bringing you into this world? Not like you had a choice about it.

    If you read his first one you'd see he wouldn't have a problem with it if she was asking and all, it's the not knowing that's the problem, that can cause fair problems when you can't ever know how much money you've got left in your account. See in the English culture we value politeness.

    Also, no, you don't know his mum, you can't guarantee anything.
    I don't think its all about culture really :s. Taking money from someone without their permission is always wrong though, I agree there.

    OP like others have said I think there could be a reason she's taking the money? Maybe shes strapped for cash but is too embarrassed to tell you?
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    (Original post by Jo2217)
    because the banks don't need to know all your business, blame it on a friend then, I was just using an example of someone else.
    exactly they don't even need to know that it was a brother/mother/friend or whatever. why say anything i know for me if i had been in this situation and picked one of my friends he later met her at a bar and they started dating. imagine that was your brother and she remembered (unlikely i know but still possible) she now assumes he's a thief because you chose to lie to them. if you don't want to tell them the whole story that's fine but lies like this can cause big problems.

    of course the other alternative is that she assumes your a liar.
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