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    (Original post by AsystoleUK)
    To be fair Leah, the entire centre of Coventry is a dirty, grubby council estate.
    Anywho, you won't find nice accomodation unless living quite far out of the centre so just grin and bear it. I had a damp ridden mould cave for my second year that was nice at first glance until the winter weather hit. Thankfully my landlord didn't protect our deposit so I blackmailed him into letting us out of the contract.
    You really musn't have looked very hard then, we found about 5 or 6 amazing houses within 5/10 minutes walk of Armstrong-Siddeley. I admit there are far nicer houses in the world but as has been said, you are a student so it probably won't be as nice as what you are used to back at home.

    But I know that the house we have is amazing for what we pay (£92 a week with all bills included), close to the uni, loads of living space and pubs/bars/takeaways/Tesco/shops near by. What more could you want?

    (Original post by Ice_Queen)
    It's not the best city in England, but it's not a bad place.
    Couldn't agree more. There are certain parts of the city I wouldn't like to go (been told to stay away from the Wood End area by natives) but for the most part it's fine.

    There are some people I would count as "dodgy" that you see around the city from time to time, but what city doesn't have that? Perfect example being a guy I saw yesterday on my way to Sainsbury's, drunk out of his face and stood shouting and asking for money at like 12 in the afternoon. However as there appears to be police on every street corner he was promptly taken away by two officers.

    Stay away from Hillfields too. The daytime in that area is just as worse as night.

    I did this and ended up with Raglan house mate, aslong as you get it all sorted relatively quickly you'll end up with accomodation good for you. It's not a bad thing anyway as i couldn't make my mind up where i wanted to go but they pretty much choose for you!

    Anyone need accomodation in cov? room available £75 a week bills included! Brunswick road
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