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I've just come back from my 46 lesson, this time he said 'not bad' which is an improvement on 'slow progress'. I think i've decided to just book a test and if I fail try again after my gap year at the momment I need to save money you see.

I managed to reverse round a corner and do a 3 point turn however I made up for that by getting in the wrong lane at a round about.
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(Original post by picju96)
Nope, not yet, and I'm not really looking forward to it either! Everyone laughs at me because I'm legally able to drive, yet I'd be useless. They also find my licence really funny.

Did you get into Cambridge by the way?
nah, every1 thinks i'm odd can i can drive but i don't, what's wrong with ure licence?

nope...no1 got into oxbridge from our skool, only felicity yates from ure yr! it really annoys me that no1 from our yr got in, cos slater admitted to us that in the past they have helped ppl get into oxbridge, but this yr they didn't bother, cos we were unlucky, we were 'in the transition period between mrs tompson and miss rollo'. like 6 ppl applied and all of us really can't be that stupid, 3 of us were in the pool and u'd think mayb with some more help they mite have got that extra push!! felicity must b a genious! i hope i don't sound arrogant or nethin, i'm just a bit upset that no1 in our yr, some ppl i really thought deserved to go, didn't get in!
about 7 ppl got into oxbridge from vic, which makes it even worse, cos, we are so much better than them!!
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