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    Here it goes, none of what I say if for attention for those who think it is. Anyway I think I'm depressed? I've had sleeping problems for months now, I sleep for atleast eight hours a night and everyday when I come home from school I go to sleep, I have atleast four hours or I just sleep right through untill the morning, but although I have all this sleep I'm constantly tired? I know teenagers need a lot of sleep but really? Its getting stupid now none of my friends need this much sleep, its becoming a problem not just because of my social life but in school aswell, I turn up to school hours late on a regular basis as I didn't wake up or I wouldn't get myself out of bed, I have no motivation at all, all my teachers and my parents are really starting to worry about me. I find it really hard to concentrate too, I just loose focus even if I try my best to listen? The last couple of months I've also been getting fustrated over stupid things that didn't used to annoy me, like my bath the other night was cold and I nearly broke my toe because I kicked it.. The last couple of years I have been self harming, my friends eventually found out and told my school as they were worried about me and then the school told my parents, I went to counciling which didn't help, she just blabbered on about stuff. Anyway I stopped for a few months as I was going on holiday and my parents checked me but then I started again tis was in about november, none of my friends have noticed apart from one, she's promised to keep it a secret but my bestfriend hasn't noticed although I've got changed in the same room as her and I know I don't want her to know because she would tell my parents but there's something in me that is annoyed that she hasn't noticed, she's always going on about herself, and I don't mind most of the time because I don't speak about my problems so she makes up for it. She's always been the more popular one and has always got more friends and more attention than me which I suppose kinda annoys me noun and again. Is she really that selfish to not have noticed the cuts? I don't like myself, I don't like my figure or my looks, I don't even like my personality. I push people away whenever yhey get too close, I have boundry issues and I don't accept it when boys say they like me because in truth I don't like myself, I like being around my friend even if I am usualy misrible because I can't bare to be left alone with myself because it just makes me hate myself more, everyone else is lucky that they can get away from me. I cry quite ofen for no reason and when my teachers ask what's wrong I tear up and I don't know why? I have overdosed in the past but only with paracetamol and perscription stuff, I don't know what my intensions were. I don't have any hobbies or do anything as I'm always asleep. I feel empty inside all the time, and feel like I don't belong. About six years ago my mum got married to a man and he had three children, we were really close but just over a year ago they split up and I've not seen them since.. This really made me misrible and I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it.

    I really don't know what to do or if there's something wrong with me, please give me adice I don't know who else to ask for it and I'm sorry for the paragraph..


    I feel for you. I have experienced some of these feelings myself. I would urge you to see about speaking to a different councillor. Sometimes the first person you speak to just isn't right for you.

    Also, have you tried doing something like listening to music o going for a walk? Could you talk to your friends and try to get them to understand how your feeling. I know this one is hard and sometimes it is easier to speak to someone you don't know.

    Are you in your last year at school?

    Feel free to PM me if you wish
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