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I think I might have dyspraxia. What should I do? watch


    Do nothing? I was diagnosed with developmental dyspraxia. Don't really DO anything about it, and I don't generally tell people anyway. I'm just clumsy to them, hell it used to be called clumsy child syndrome.
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Bump for day people opinions! Not that there's anything wrong with night people.
    i'm both

    (Original post by Watcher7)
    If you're at college, ask your Advice & Guidance people if you can sort out an assessment through the faculty. If not, go to your GP.

    If you're at university, there should be a disability support department kicking around somewhere. I suggest asking one of your tutors - it's how I got my assessment.

    Either way, they should let you take your exams on laptop after your assessment.

    Also, don't sweat not being able to do certain things. I'm dyspraxic, and I know what it's like growing up as the kid who gets picked last for every sport going because I can't throw, can't catch, can't even make a decent goalpost because I fall over if I stand still for too long.

    But you know what? Screw it. My internal tremor's so bad that I'm a human vibrator, and my girlfriend wouldn't have it any other way .
    ahaha i have dyspraxia too, luckily it only affected my speech as a toddler. think i got off very lightly!

    For the past few months, I've wondered if I'm borderline dyspraxic.
    I never actually knew about dyspraxia until Daniel Radcliffe said he had it.

    I have always held my pen funny and my handwriting is awful. Sometimes it hurts to write, always if I have to write a lot (a page+) or fast.

    I also have difficulty typing. What I mean by this is that I have difficulty in getting letters in the right order when I type, I will have all the right letters, just not neccessarily in the right order. I had to concentrate sooo hard to spell dyspraxia right, even though if I hand-wrote it I would have no issue. I have no idea if this is anything to do with dyspraxia or not-does anyone else have anything like this??

    I have and always have had shocking co-ordination. I cannot throw, catch, kick a ball or hit a ball with a bat/racket. I can't even catch a pen if someone throws it to me across the classroom which is probs only 3-4 metres away.

    It was interesting to read your (the op's) post about how if a teacher/lecturer just chats on and on you don't take in any of it. I also have this problem and I have to try take notes so I can look at it again later. This could just be that I am not at all an audio learner.

    How do you dyspraxics revise?
    I always have to copy out all my notes again for the info to stick in my head

    Anyway, sorry for the ramble
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    I don't know if I'm dyspraxic but I can't learn by copying at all! The best thing for me is to be interactive. You can do this easily with a friend i.e. teaching or explaining but with yourself, it's a bit harder. I just simply read something really slowly and then explain it over to myself in my own phrasing and my own explanation without looking at the textbook. Then I write the explanation down then I try explaining to myself in a different way. I gotta make it really stick!

    I am slightly dyspraxic, but I have improved a lot in the last 5 years. I played a lot of hockey in goal as I was useless on the pitch. Using my gloves ( a big surface) allowed me to work on my dyspraxia as I did not have to be exact to begin with. I still have some problems catching an hitting a ball, but it has improved my handwriting and general co-ordination.
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