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    (Original post by dannyr)
    Haha, thanks for your help!
    I have actually started just rinsing my face with water, and like you, using a face wash once or twice per week. Only been doing this for a week or so, so haven't noticed any improvements just yet. How often do you rinse it? I've been doing it about three times per day as my skin is VERY oily, it's crazy.
    I rinse it twice a day - morning and night. My nose gets pretty oily around 5-6pm but I wait until 10 to have a wash. Anything more than twice a day can cause overproduction of oil. Saying that, you're only rinsing with water so it could be ok. Try it for 2 weeks and see how many breakouts you get. Water worked for me but then again my hormones are starting to settle down now whereas yours are probably going crazy.
    Remember to use moisturiser. I know its not exactly "masculine" but it keeps your skin hydrated and limits oil. I currently use this --> CLICKY. Its really good stuff but unfortunately runs out quickly.

    If you don't see any improvements then go see your GP - don't be embarrassed! He'll probably give you some topical treatment and antibiotic like tetracycline. You can have isotretinoin (roaccutance) prescribed as a topical gel too. I remember it being pretty harsh on my skin but it could be just what your oily skin needs.

    Try those other things I've written too, especially drinking lots of water, getting good sleep and doing exercise. They're basically three things to aid a healthy lifestyle, so they should have a positive effect on acne too.

    I've managed to control mine by doing following:

    In the morning:

    1. Wash face using a gentle face wash in the morning, needs to be a slightly abrasive OR use a slightly rough sponge of some kind to wash with. I get a build up of dead flaky skin otherwise
    2. (I'm a dude) Shave using a trimmer instead of a razor. My trimmer cuts down to 1mm, which is very short stubble. A razor creates loads of tiny cuts into your skin, making spots much more likely.
    3. Moisturise. This is really important. Do this right after you wash your face and make sure your hands are clean. If you leave your skin dry after washing your face, your sebum glands will go into overdrive.

    During the day:

    1. Try not to touch/rub your face. E.g. resting face on hand. Really hard habit for me to break as I don't realise I'm doing it. But find something to fiddle with instead.

    Before you go to bed:

    1. Use a cleansing wipe on your face (I use sensitive ones) before you go to bed.
    2. Always have a clean pillow case to sleep on.

    It's frustrating getting spots. I'm at the age where most people have grown out of it. Yet I have to do this crap when I wake up and go to sleep. And if I stop doing it (i go away for a few days or go out drinking and come home straight to bed) I almost always get a flare-up.

    (Original post by jam12)
    Hey, I've had acne since I was around your age and have tried quite a few remedies. Thankfully, mine has virtually gone now but I do end up with the odd spot once a week... mainly due to shaving irritation.

    First off, I would only go on roaccutane as a last resort. You're 15 and acne is, as you well know, very common for that age range. Roaccutane has quite a few side effects, most commonly dry skin and joint pains. Note the latter may mean it'll be difficult to keep active - sports, gym etc.
    I took Roaccutane when I was 19 (now 21) and it virtually got rid of all my acne. However 2 months later my face started getting oily again so I took another visit to the GP, in view of getting an appointment with the Dermatologist. My GP ended up persuading me to be patient and told me my acne would go with age. BUT, the most significant thing he said was to wash my face with water, only water. No face wash, no scrub, just water! And guess what, it worked! All I do now is rinse my face with warm water, splash it with cold water, dry, and apply oil-free moisturiser. I use face wash like once a week, but rest of the time I use water. I'm not saying it will work for everyone, but I'd say give it a go at least. My theory is that face washes strip the "natural" oil from your skin, making it overproduce sebum. Washing with just water means that "natural" oil is kept whilst removing any excess grease.

    Other tips:
    - Don't be afraid of BP. I still use it sometimes and it's the only treatment that doesn't become resistant to acne bacteria
    - Drink plenty of water
    - Try to get plenty of sleep, at least 8 hrs.
    - Keep active. Do cardio or anything that gets you sweating.
    - Sudocrem! Commonly used for nappy rashes, but you can also use it for acne (says it on the tub!). Just google and you'll see plenty of positive results. I use it whenever I get a spot - reduces redness A LOT and speeds up healing time.
    - Lastly, and probably the most debatable, don't masturbate! Again, just google and you'll find plenty of results. I'd have to say that this is the second most important factor that has helped my acne. At first I didn't want to believe it, but the results forced me think otherwise. As said, its very debatable but most people who have tried abstinence say it works. Often rejected by obsessive masturbators . But I can understand this maybe a bit hard at your age, hitting puberty and all. It gets easier as you get older.

    Good luck!
    :ditto: I agree with all of this post- apart from the BP.

    If your getting acne that is scaring, its probs best if you conisder accutane. I wne ton it and its actually changed my life!

    The scars will fade with time, atm I use panoxy gel 10% and that has a bleaching effect, which althugh drys out my skin has faded contours!

    Roaccutane is the only thing that works. May leave pitted scars though.
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