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Jealousy Problem (Professional Help) watch

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    Anon or delete please

    Hello guys,
    Please, I'm not looking for consoling like "oh it will be fine" or "oh just ignore it and live your life". I'm looking for advice from someone who has at least some experience in psychology or who has performed or has had any kind of therapy before.

    Basically I have a huge jealousy and self-esteem problem. Every time I see someone making better progress in something, I feel jealous and it kind of 'discourages' me, which affects my self-esteem.

    Whenever I feel good about myself, I try to "hold the thought" and "hold the feeling" like they instruct you to do in self-help programs and such..... Well, until something comes along and poops on my plate..... with something they have that I don't... then I get DISCOURAGED and feel like a low-life once again.

    For example, my mate recently got a girlfriend... and I felt really jealous that I don't have one, and it affected my self-esteem to the point of depression.

    Or for instance, someone scored higher marks than me in a test, I felt jealous and it affected my self-esteem.

    I really hate feeling this way. I've tried numerous self-help books and self-help programs. They have worked quite well and have helped me a lot to become more positive and stronger. But this one jealousy/self-esteem issue I can't get rid of, no matter what I do.

    Please, if anyone has any advice on how to get over your self-esteem issues it would be really appreciated. Psychology students, what would you recommend I do? How do I put a bullet in that 'inner voice' for good?

    Please, let me repeat myself, I have read and used *NUMEROUS* self help books, articles, magazines, programs, video tapes, etc. I'm saturated.

    Should I get a psychiatrist? Help me.

    MAN UP!
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