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    'If the Universe is finite as opposed to infinite, when I die, I will be reincarnated as energy within this closed system is conserved.'

    I'm aware energy is converted from one form to another. If I'm buried then as I decompose I transfer energy to the soil etc...

    So the probability of being born again is somewhere between 0 and 1 as opposed to impossible and as universe isn't expanding for an infinite amount of time so matter isn't spontaneously created. Is there exactly the same amount of matter inside the universe today as there was just after the big bang, only it has strecthed out IF the universe is infinite. It can also stretch if the universe is finite. If so, how much can space/time stretch before it rips. If it rips due to gravity acting in relatively equal place along the universe, does this create another universe? Imagine pulling a piece of paper uniformly in all directions, it will break at one point. Apply this to the universe on a whole. The universe is essentially a stretched out piece of paper and writing on the paper means some places on the paper are heavier than others. Equally black holes and stars are 'words' on the paper. Stretch the paper uniformally and it will tear exactly where the black hole is and won't stop until the universe inverses. Matter is transferred from one medium to another. This explains why the Universe expanded so rapidly during the bug bang.

    Sorry I know next to nothing about Physics but this though occured to me when I was writing today.

    Is this a possibilty?

    Your atoms will end up as part of another living organism eventually however your thoughts will not. As your body decomposes the precise configuration of your brain will cease to exist.

    As for your universal hypothesis, you don't take into account the potential for other dimensions. For all we know, black holes could be spewing out their matter into another dimension that we can't percieve.

    Also, nobody knows how big the universe really is and whether or not it is infinte.
    The universe we percieve could simply be the atom of a much larger universe.

    The reason that we assume the "big bang" occured is because of the observable movement of other galaxies. We could be taking much too small of a sample to truely know.
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