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    So, I'm in the last year of my sixth form, and I've been really depressed the past year. My attendance at school has dropped to 60%. My exam results came in, while not being good, I got around BCC while my Ucas needs BBC~ My family are Asian, and while my parents didn't get a decent education, they think it's really easy to get AAA.

    They also speak no English, and I'm stuck alone in the house most of the time, I have to deal with basically all of the domestic issues, e.g.: Telephone rings, parents ignore it because they can't communicate with the person because it's usually someone who speaks English. I have to deal with gas, electricity bills, phone bills etc. I read all the letters, translate with appointments for doctors / dentists.

    This wasn't too bad during GSCEs, but after A-levels, I find the pressure building up to levels to where I just shut myself in my room after school and don't talk to anyone. I'm overweight, have money problems and don't have that many friends. I feel really depressed but don't want to go to a doctor about it, school has been worried about my attendance, parents had a 1 & 1 meeting with me asking me why I haven't have the best marks, attendance etc, tell me I'm good for nothing. I've even been thinking of leaving my parents home and find a part-time job or something and live with my grandparents.

    Sorry for wall of text, just feel really depressed and felt like I needed to speak to someone about this

    Exercise is meant to be very good for depression, and would also help if you're overweight. Why not take up a sport or join a gym.

    About your problems at home, is there anyone in your extended family who could help you with all the bills and stuff? And could you encourage your parents to learn English, because they can't rely on you forever - at some point you'll leave home and then where will they be?

    Your life sounds pretty crappy. You have the stress of bills, a poor social life, and a weak body. And your family is asian. Huge responsibility. You're doing a lot for them, but I doubt they appreciate you anywhere near the level you deserve.

    Sucks to be you. Sorry man.
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