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I am destroying my relationship watch

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    I am bi-polar, and am ruining my relationship.

    For the moment, it seems alright, but I can see things getting worse and worse.

    I am under serious stress at the moment. I'm applying for competitive Masters programmes, and am worried will get nothing. My family are in another country, so I feel a bit stranded and alone with this.

    My boyfriend is wonderful, so supportive and sweet. He knows about my problems. But my mental health along with these stresses is making me impossible to be around. My mood changes so often - if something small happens that isn't ideal, I lose it. I misinterpret things he says, and make it into a big deal.

    This has been happening with him for about a fortnight now.

    I need to stop. I need to sort myself out and stop these irrational over-emotional outbursts. But I can't, because of the mental health issues, I can't control it.

    Has anypne been in a similar position? I don't want to push him away.

    are there any non-essential commitments you can drop to reduce your stress levels?
    are you getting regular exercise + good diet, are there any other things you can do to improve mood stability (e.g. meditation, etc)?

    also see your doctor, even if you're not taking meds atm/don't want to start, they might be able to help with some of the above things.
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    my step dad has bi-polar, and he has been tearing the family apart for almost 3 years. in the summer we had no holiday because of his moods and the fact that he kept leaving and coming back and we didn't know how many places to book. he was also violent to my mum, myself and sometimes (although rarely) my brother, and as a 5.2ft 19 year old girl whose biological father was also violent, i responded by getting between him and my mum, and sometimes attempting to restrain him - he was probs almost twice my weight and is over 6ft, so as you could imagine, it was difficult and unsuccessful, so to protect my mum i sometimes smacked him one. it was all i could do. i often got hurt myself and occasionally had to make excuses about my injuries. there were sometimes when i contemplated suicide because it had gone on for 3 years, and gotten increasingly violent, and i couldn't see a way out. it was a cycle of violence, they split, she took him back, violence, and more violence and unhappiness. i saw no end to it and couldn't take it anymore..
    my mum kept taking him back but because of all the stuff, violence, previous father, it took longer for me to accept him back into the family, so there was some dischord, for which my mum often blamed me. i felt rejected from the family, alone and depressed. i guess that didn't help with the whole not-wanting-to-live thing.

    i am not saying that you will turn into that, but learn from my family's mistakes. seek councilling for your condition, and make sure that you are medicated properly. get it sorted early before anything like this happens. if you feel you are hurting your boyfriend, the talk to him, or consider not spliting, or going on break, but spending some time away from him so you can get it sorted.
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